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Reaching 4 Excellence: High School Junior is Unstoppable

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LIBERTY, Mo. -- Over the many years we've done our weekly feature on outstanding young people, we've come across some teenagers with phenomenal resumes' of achievements and activities and involvement.

And they've all been graduating high school seniors.

Well, we've discovered another -- but she just started her junior year. Meet the unstoppable Haley Brown.

It's a Monday night at Liberty High School, long after classes ended for the day, and for Haley Brown, that means it's time for Model United Nations, doing research for tournament season that begins soon. Haley has done very well in Model UN. In fact, this past winter when both were just sophomores, she was named outstanding delegate with her Model UN partner and very good friend Haley Ferguson at the national tournament in Chicago.

"I do that because being able to know what's happening on a global scale is very important for students," says Haley, "so eventually we can continue to solve these issues and work toward finding an answer."

The Energizer Bunny has nothing on Haley. She keeps going and going and going. On any given day or night or weekend, if it's not Model UN it could be speech and debate or Scholar Bowl or a weekly student improv comedy troupe or play practice or Coterie Theatre master class acting or orchestra or any of an endless number of activities and interests -- besides being the top scholar academically in the junior class at Liberty High.

"Being able to figure out what it is I like to do and make a pointed effort to choose things and invest my time in something I enjoy while also being able to learn and grown from those experiences is something I like to do," says Haley.

"For all her amazing accomplishments she is such a down-to-Earth person," says Haley Ferguson. "When you hear all the accolades she has it can be intimidating but she is just one of the kindest, most friendly people you will ever meet. And she is absolutely, totally modest. And for all her talents, she finds a way to make everyone else in the room shine, too, which is a great strength of hers."

Haley has an astonishing resume' already after just two years of high school. And she is rather famous in the Liberty School District for her spot-on impression of a certain former vice presidential candidate.

"Hello, I'm Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska." And she goes on with a great improv. It's an impression Haley first did as a seventh grader emceeing a middle school talent show and has done twice since then at big school district functions for teachers and community leaders. Everything Haley gets involved in she does at a super high level.

"She really isn't in activities just for the face value," says Haley Ferguson. "She's in there to better herself and to help her teammates become better. And she's there really because she is definitely interested in what she's doing."

This past summer, Haley's extraordinary wide range of interests and activities and her top performances in them presented her with quite a challenge.

"And I got to express myself in two ways that I love to do," says Haley. Over several days in June, Haley participated in National History Day in suburban Washington DC and with a phenomenal research paper and presentation she won very high honors.

Those same days, Haley competed in the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Indianapolis and did very well in that. And she shuttled by air back and forth and back and forth to do both.

"Very fun even though it was high stress," says Haley. "It was very crazy."

That challenge might have left most kids -- and adults -- overwhelmed. But by this time people in Liberty are getting quite used to Haley Brown being unstoppable.

"That girl is going places," says Haley Ferguson. And they are very eager to find out what she'll do next.

"I don't think I'll have trouble figuring what it is I want to do when I get there," says Haley with a big smile.

What's next for Haley? Well, she's an avid horseback rider and somehow she's finding the time to learn dressage, the very demanding show horse training event.

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