Another Late Week Storm

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Well after months of what seemed to be little to no weather with any consistency, Mother Nature is starting to really make the seasonal shift that is pretty typical for this time of the year. If you remember LAST October was phenomenally beautiful around these parts but boy was it dry for sure! This October has been more like what typically happens, fast moving fronts, an occasional strong upper level storm and even some rainfall. LAST October was 1.9° above average from a temperature far THIS October is running a whooping 6 degrees BELOW average so compared to last October, right now we’re almost 8° degrees. Of course we’re only halfway done with October a that number will change I’m sure over the next couple of weeks.

So let’s talk about this most recent storm that is pulling away. It was a good rainmaker for the region with 3/4″ to more than 2″ is some isolated areas. That was a big help to the drought as we’re slowly easing things compared to the worst part of the drought a couple of months ago.Here are the precip estimates over the past couple of days.

Here is the Noon surface map showing the storm moving away through the upper midwest!

As far as the satellite presentation of the storm goes…take a look.

So where do we go from here…well this storm wasn’t really connected to the northern jetstream so as a result there was little cold air entrained in it this far south…so that means as it pulls away it will leave/allow warm air in it’s wake and we’ll get to enjoy that for a couple of days. As a matter of fact, it looks like highs should be well into the 70s to perhaps even 80° through Tuesday. here is the GFS forecast of the 5000′ temperatures and you can see how the airmass modifies fast and warms up nicely.

As this is happening, notice what’s going on across the PAC NW…another storm is out there, notice the colder air streaming into W Canada? This is our next big weather maker that will dive through the Plains states on WED-FRI and usher in some pretty chilly air through the Plains states. As a matter of fact, highs on Thursday/Friday may struggle in the 50s and depending on whether or not there is cloud cover, it could be cooler than that on THU. There will be front #1 moving in WED AM…and front #2 (re-enforcer) moving in sometime on THU PM. There is the potential for some showers on WED, especially on the MO side, I’ll be looking at that harder for the late newscasts tonight after the baseball game.

As with most Octobers, the flow is a fast one, so as one system moves through quickly the airmass spins away with it and we immediately start to warm right back up, and that appears to happen just in time for next weekend!

Have a great week. I’ll be filling in for MT on MON and TUE so I may try and get some early blogs out for you.


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