Mom Says Young Child Got Sick from Mislabeled Medication

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- An Independence mom is speaking out after she says her daughter got sick from taking mislabeled medication.

Brandi Nickens says the Equate brand children's acetaminophen she bought at an Independence Walmart wasn't children's acetaminophen at all, and it made her 5-year-old daughter violently ill.

Nickens says last Monday she gave her daughter what she thought was acetaminophen. When her daughter got ill a short time later- she says she got out the pill bottle, got on Google and realized the pills in the bottle weren't what the label said they were.

According to Nickens, the pills in the bottle were actually 100mg ibuprofen, not 80mg acetaminophen.

"I felt really guilty at that point, I felt fear, I was really scared," says Nickens.

She says Monday she brought her daughter to Independence Pediatrics to see Pediatric Nurse Practicioner Suzanne Strathman, CPNP.

Nickens says Strathman confirmed the pills were 100 mg ibuprofen.

Strathman tells FOX 4 she has informed the FDA of her findings. She says they told her they'll call her back within 24-48 hours. She says that's concerning and frustrating-that even 24 hours isn't fast enough - and that it's impossible to know how many other mislabeled bottles there could be on store shelves.

Strathman says thankfully the dosage of ibuprofen Nickens' daughter took was not in the toxic range for her weight.

Nickens daughter is okay- she recovered quickly. But, Nickens heart is breaking.

"My trust is broken," says Nickens. "I feel hurt, I feel betrayed," she told Fox 4.

We checked and find the product is not available at this time online via Walmart's website. FOX4 contacted Walmart. They say they're taking this very seriously and are looking into it.

Nickens says she just wants someone to hear her.

"Just fix the problem, pull it off the shelves, could you offer me up an apology? I'm sorry you missed work, I'm sorry you feel guilty, I'm sorry you anything- I'm sorry your child is ill, is your child okay?" says Nickens.

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