WATCH LIVE: Presidential Debate at 8:00 P.M.

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HEMPSTEAD, New York. -- President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney are set to go head-to-head on Tuesday night in the second of three scheduled presidential debates

The debate - a "town-hall" format debate from the campus of Hofstra University on Long Island, is scheduled to begin at 8:00 p.m. Central, and can be seen on FOX 4 or via live-streaming above.

Political analysts, Republican Annie Presley of Bryan Cave Law Firm and Democrat Jason Grill of JGrill Media, will be watching the debate and will provide commentary in the section below.

Annie Presley October 16, 20129:44 pm

Romney was presidential. His business experience was clear…

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:40 pm

The President did great tonight.

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:37 pm

Obama takes on government misconceptions on him.

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:34 pm

Obama has won this debate.

Annie Presley October 16, 20129:34 pm

Obama’s shrill tone is back.

Annie Presley October 16, 20129:33 pm

Obama has talked 3 more minutes than Romney. hmmmm

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:28 pm


Annie Presley October 16, 20129:28 pm

Trickle down government has never worked. Create jobs here. Most make our trading partners play by the rules. Romney says he will be strict China…

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:28 pm

Romney ton is better with the outsourcing job question.

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:26 pm

Candidates should sit down as soon as Crowley tries to move them along.

Annie Presley October 16, 20129:26 pm

Any time one attacks the other, it is uncomfortable.

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:20 pm

Obama doing great tonight with undecided voters in Ohio.

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:19 pm

Romney is not doing well last hour.

Annie Presley October 16, 20129:17 pm

Romney should not invite the President to respond…

Annie Presley October 16, 20129:14 pm

Not sure Americans have an appetite for foreign policy details…

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:12 pm

Thankfully no more interruptions there.

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:11 pm

I mean Obama.

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:11 pm

Romney – is doing great with foreign policy answer.

Annie Presley October 16, 20129:06 pm

Candy…get control of these guys!

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:04 pm

Debate Cop is back.

Annie Presley October 16, 20129:04 pm

Candy…the President is over time….

Jason Grill October 16, 20129:03 pm

Smart for Obama to bring up Romney during Republican Debates. He has completely shifted.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:59 pm

we welcome immigrants. legal system needs to work better. Romney is confident on this…

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:59 pm

Romney just isn’t good with small talk with these people asking questions.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:56 pm

Romney tackling answers with statistics.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:56 pm

Romney flat lining again with undecideds.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:54 pm

actually the President is defensive. that’s it…..

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:54 pm

Very angry

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:53 pm

very focused.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:53 pm

Obama doing a good job to answer why man should vote for him in 2012.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:52 pm

Obama nailed the GWB similarities and differences with Romney.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:50 pm

Question was about GWB though Annie.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:49 pm

Obama should focus on his plans, not about Romney’s plans nor what he inherited from GWB.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:48 pm

Romney just made Santorum’s hair raise by saying all woman in America should have access to contraceptives.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:48 pm

I still prefer Romney’s tone. Love this distinction with GWB.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:47 pm

Romney playing debate cop too much tonight.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:46 pm

Romney needs to answer the woman’s questions.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:45 pm

Obama targeting undecided woman voters with that shift there off pay equality.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:43 pm

Obama brings up health care.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:41 pm

Romney is using a more conversational tone than Obama.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:40 pm

Romney just seems stiff tonight.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:35 pm

being facetious will not bode well over the long haul. President needs to be careful. his voice is getting shrill.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:33 pm

Obama – finally coming into his own on this tax question.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:33 pm

5 trillion dollars – how many times have we heard this number this year…

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:32 pm

More substance is needed in this debate.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:31 pm

Romney – Seems like he is talking down to people.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:30 pm

President is whining about Romney. Think he would be better off touting his own successes.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:28 pm

Specifics from the President.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:27 pm

“No tax on your savings”….specifics on the tax plan from Romney will appeal to everyone.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:27 pm

Mitt Romney is trying to relate to the middle class. Not going to work.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:25 pm

“Simplify the tax code” is a big winner for Romney.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:24 pm

Romney is losing points by telling the president to sit down.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:23 pm

when Romney interrupts Candy, it’s a problem….

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:19 pm

Governor Romney taking the gloves off. Women don’t like this.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:17 pm

Under Obama, domestic oil production is at 8 year high.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:16 pm

Romney sounds gentler and kinder….polished.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:15 pm

Obama is angry. I hope that this doesn’t get ugly. Viewers don’t like name calling.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:15 pm

Romney is flat lining with his energy answer.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:14 pm

Every time Obama goes after the Romney uncommitted line goes down. Every time he talks about his administration and the future it goes up like a missile.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:12 pm

Romney … Shouldn’t mess with Crowley.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:11 pm

wow! the gloves are off. The President sounds hacked off.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:10 pm

I like the one point plan line.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:07 pm

obama using bullet points is super smart.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:07 pm

Obama more animated tonight early on.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:05 pm

Great Tie from Mitt Romney tonight.

Annie Presley October 16, 20128:05 pm

Romney needs to hold serve. Obama cannot lose. Candy Crowley is the unknown factor.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:03 pm

Crowley having a good hair night.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:02 pm

anything worse and he is in trouble.

Jason Grill October 16, 20128:01 pm

Obama needs a draw tonight.

Annie Presley October 16, 20127:59 pm

Jason and i are in studio. we will be blogging and tweeting throughout the debate. then we will go live with Phil Witt at 10…

Jason Grill October 16, 20127:58 pm

About to get started!

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