A Dust Storm & A Better Weekend

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Plenty of gloomy gray skies out there today with temperatures struggling to get to 50° and gusty NNW winds circulating around our strong surface low across the Great Lakes area. This storm has produced 67 MPH wind gusts @ Chamberlain, SD and 69 MPH winds in Gregory, SD. In ND winds gusted to 57 MPH in Cummings. Meanwhile in NE the winds were cranked up yesterday as well…take a look at some of the highest winds reported from the NWS office in Omaha.

Meanwhile, closer to home…KCI had a wind gust to 48 MPH and St Joe had a wind gust to 46 MPH…Sedalia had a wind gust to 39 MPH.

All that wind through the Plains states, combined with the ongoing drought and soil moisture deficits, mainly through NE up into the Dakotas created ideal conditions for dust…and a lot of it. Here is a satellite look at the dust that developed well to the west of here  I noticed that with the sprinkles the area saw overnight, that combined with some dust entrainment, it left my car all sorts of dirty.

This imagery was taken yesterday afternoon as the cloud were moving down into the KC area. Notice in the image in the upper left of the animation above…the dust being generated through NE and KS into OK. That dust eventually lead to closed roads and knocked over semi trailers. Meanwhile up in W NE, the dust storm was similar to what happened back in the 1930s. Take a look at this video from stormchasingvideo.com

Interestingly the dust now has been transported into the SE part of the country and while not to the degree of yesterday, folks in the AL area are dealing with dust in their skies today. Here is an image from that part of the country showing the dust.

IF you look carefully you can see the fuzziness across parts of C MS and AL into E TN. Interesting. Now take a look at the latest drought report and notice the core of the drought location…generally where the dust storm was created.

As far as our weather goes today the clouds are slowly starting to crack a bit as of this typing as you can see on the satellite image this afternoon.

Notice the darker specks in the white area…that tells me there are small breaks in the clouds that will get bigger tonight and tomorrow should be a nice day. After all the wind lately, tomorrow will be rather tranquil with winds generally under 10 MPH.

Sunday will feature warmer air and I’ll be watching some shallow gulf moisture come towards the area later in the day. This will result in clouds SUN night and combined with a weak disturbance caught in the SW flow, will create the potential of a few showers into Monday.

Next week, overall will be a mild and more humid week as dewpoints should be well into the 50s and highs well into the 70s through Wednesday. After that, some sort of cold front will blow through. How much cold air is behind the front is very debatable as our modelling, as is typical for the time of the year, is having some major difficulties in portraying the weather after about 4-5 days out. Solutions are going all over the place so confidence in day to day forecasting, beyond about 3-4 days really goes down.

With that said, this is an alert to you that there WILL BE changes to the forecast beyond 3-4 days which may be major. Included in these day to day potential changes are bigger than average forecast temperature swings and rain that goes in and out of the forecast. I’m a very consistent forecaster from day to day and I don’t like changing the forecast in those later periods that much, but just consider yourself forewarned that I may be making lots of changes tot he latter part of next weeks/weekends forecast over the weekend.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend and I’ll update the blog again either Saturday and/or Sunday as the weather changes!


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