Man Duped by False Advertising Posts Snarky Comment, Company Responds with Snarky Video

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Have you ever felt duped by false advertising? British man Richard Neill sure has. He didn’t take too kindly to discovering that commercials depicting women having “happy periods” were bogus.

Guys, women don’t have happy periods. Most of us don’t like to ride bikes, go mountain climbing, ride horses or jump out of planes when we’re bleeding from unmentionable areas while our insides tear themselves apart. Not to mention the bloating, back aches, insatiable appetite and crankiness that come along with that “time of the month”.

But Richard didn’t know this. And when he finally came to realize the truth, he felt duped by the UK-based company Bodyform — a company that sells tampons and maxipads. He felt their commercials misled him. So he sought out their Facebook page and posted this comment:

Bodyform apparently has a sense of humor because they responded with their own cheeky language — in a video — that has since gone viral. In it, Bodyform’s fictional CEO Caroline Williams addresses Richard and admits they lied to him — and every other man.

“I hate to tell you this, but there’s no such thing as a happy period,” Williams said. “The reality is, some people simply can’t handle the truth.”

But now thanks to Richard everyone in the world now has a clear picture of the bloody, awful truth to menstruation.

“You Richard, have torn down that veil and exposed that myth, thereby exposing every man to a reality we hoped they would never have to face,” Williams added.

It’s a crafty, entertaining exchange — and you can see it in its entirety below.

But one has to wonder, was Richard for real? Could he be that clueless — to think women are the most adventurous and happiest when they’re on their periods? Regardless, it made for a good laugh and is apparently entertaining millions, as Bodyform’s response on YouTube has received over 2.2 million hits. (Kudos to Sheryl Hartley for tipping me off to this story. Snarkies unite!)

Another viral story people are questioning the validity of is a woman in North Dakota who called a radio station asking for deers signs to be moved. She seemingly has the misunderstanding that the signs are intended to tell the deer where it’s safe to cross.

Say whaaaat?

We don’t make this stuff up, folks. You can hear her comical rant here.

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