Windows Phone 8 Makes Smartphones Simple, Personal

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LOST ANGELES (KTLA) -- Android devices and iPhones have dominated the smartphone market for the last year, but Microsoft aims to make a comeback with their latest mobile operating system.

To spread the word, Microsoft brought several journalists, including me, up to San Francisco for the launch of their new Windows 8 Phone.

According to Microsoft officials, the new phones create a very personal experience for users, bringing them closer to the things and people they care about most.

The personalized live tiles constantly update with the latest information from apps and friends. Photos of friends and status updates refresh on the main screen without having to do any extra work and the tiles on the new software are also now re-sizable.

With the new Rooms feature, users can keep in touch with specialized groups like family or friends.

For parents, Microsoft added a helpful new feature called Kids Corner. With Kids Corner parents can log onto their phone using a different account just for their kids so they won’t have to worry about any accidental deletions.

Actress and mother of two, Jessica Alba was at the event talking about the new feature.

“I know that she’s not going to go into my phone and accidentally put something on Facebook or Twitter or email someone which is always terrifying,” said Alba.

Another new feature that the operating system offers is it allows you to use Skype without draining your battery.

Data Sense, is also a new feature that helps users get more mileage out of their data plan. The app breaks down how much data is being used by each of your apps.

“Windows has something that a lot of people have never seen before and that will at least get people to give it a chance” said a Microsoft official.

Sam Biddle with the tech blog Gizmodo says he would recommend the phone to his mom, but worries that some users will be disappointed.

“The apps aren’t there like they are on iPhone and Android,” said Biddle, “which is kind of a bummer but that could change over time.”

The new Windows Phone 8 devices will be available later this month and it’s definitely worth a look, especially if you are new to smartphones.

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