Appreciating My Husband!

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A blog by FOX 4 anchor/reporter Mary Pulley, during her pregnancy:

I’d like to start by saying thanks for all the advice from a couple of week’s ago! It’s nice to know that I’m not alone when it comes to trying to decide on reliable and safe childcare. I appreciate everyone who shared their stories, and gave advice about picking someone to watch Landen when I go back to work.

This week’s topic is all about my wonderful, helpful husband! I’ve always considered myself a lucky girl to have him.
We’ve come to know each other’s needs and routines like the back of our own hands.
We have our set responsibilities around the house and everything runs like clockwork.

Then, here comes Landen.

All of a sudden everything has changed! If I’m not at work, I’m sleeping. If I’m not sleeping, I’m researching baby stuff. If I’m not researching, I’m at a doctor’s appointment. If I’m not… well you get the picture. Basically, the time I used to spend doing chores been taken over by power naps and searching the web for ways to stop him from treating my bladder like his own personal soccer ball.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still find a way to drag myself out of bed and do what I have to do. I’ve always considered myself pretty independent and self-reliant. A real “do-it-yourself” kind of gal! But with a bigger belly, swollen feet, and a weight limit on what I can lift, I often find myself at the mercy of whoever is close enough to help, and at home this is ALWAYS Randall.

I must say that he has gone way above and beyond! I know that’s what all of us ladies expected our husbands to do… Take up the slack while we’re pregnant, but we know it doesn’t always happen that way. Thankfully I hooked a keeper that jumped right in.

This is a new journey for both of us and I try to remember that as I try to find my way into the mommy-to-be role, he’s searching to find himself just as I am. And so far this new role as father-to be suits him well. I love to hear his plans for our baby and how he wants us to pour education, integrity, manners, and a sense of right from wrong into him at an early age. How he wants to create opportunities for Landen to experience things that we never did and to expose him to things that will not only make him a good boy, but a great man. Somehow he manages to say something about Landen on a daily basis that just melts my heart. But most importantly, he helps me to trust my judgment and believe in my instincts. Which right now is crucial for a first time mother to have.

Both my body and mind are just now starting to accept their limitations. Sometimes I think “I could run a marathon today.” But after huffing and puffing just to climb one flight of stairs, I realize how sadly mistaken I’d be to try anything more than sitting on the couch. So from taking care of the laundry, cooking my favorite meals, getting me celery in the middle of the night and helping me put my right shoe on every day, he’s showing just how wonderful of a father he will be. How he does it, I don’t know. He’s not on leave of any kind. He still has his businesses, his music and his chores, yet he still finds a way to be there for me and Landen. Again, I know it’s expected of him to help me, but this week I’ve notice it a whole lot more. And I appreciate my husband Randall more and more each day!

Who did you call on for help during pregnancy? Tell me all about your helpful spouses, family members, and friends. If you were the helpful spouse let us know that too! If you did it all on your own, let us know so I can personally commend you! lol! I can’t wait to hear stories. Share some of yours with me!

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