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Councilman Faces Removal After Letting Homeless Man Sleep at City Hall

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. -- The Prairie Village City Council voted Monday night to begin proceedings to remove Councilman Dave Morrison after he admittedly allowed a homeless man to sleep at City Hall.

City Council had the option to vote one of three ways: do nothing, censure Morrison or remove him. While some residents called for Morrison’s removal, the councilman said he would not voluntarily step aside.

“If they tried to oust every public servant who ever made a boneheaded decision, the landscape would be pretty barren,” he said. Later, during the hearing, Morrison said that if given the chance he would do everything he could to regain the trust of the council and the residents of Prairie Village.

But the damage was done. The council unanimously found Morrison -- councilman since 2008 -- guilty of two code of ethics violations. They also unanimously voted to begin the proceedings to oust him. It's now up to Prairie Village's mayor to send a letter to the district attorney. The district attorney, if in agreement with the council, will then allow the mayor to appoint a new council member, which will then be voted on by council members. It's unclear how long the process will take.

Morrison admitted to giving 36-year-old Kelley Malone -- a homeless man Morrison calls an old friend -- his security access code so he could sleep at City Hall. Malone had just been released from jail.

Surveillance video first recorded Malone entering City Hall on Saturday, Oct. 27, escorted by Morrison. On Halloween morning, Prairie Village Police Chief Wes Jordan discovered Malone hiding in the men’s locker room.

When confronted Malone said he was recently released from the Johnson County jail and had been staying in halfway houses, according to the city attorney. Malone also said he was in fear for his life and had recently been shot at on two occasions. Malone has a history of methamphetamine, heroin and prescription drug abuse.

Morrison would not comment on camera but admitted to giving Malone his security access code. He apologized in a letter to his fellow council members, stating:

“I allowed a homeless individual to temporarily take shelter and sanctuary in the municipal building because, based upon his past statements and my personal knowledge of his past, I truly believe him to be in fear for his life. I thought at the time the safest place for him to be was in a secure building connected to the police station.”

Morrison said he did not open his own home to Malone because he lives with his mother who has a weakened immune system and was concerned for her health.

FOX 4 is expected to hear from Morrison later Monday night. Refresh this page for updates.

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