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Pregnant Mom: I’m Worried! Are You Ok in There?

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A pregnancy blog by FOX 4’s Mary Pulley

It never fails! Each night this has been happening lately. I finally clear my head and find a comfy spot lodged between Randall and my maternity pillow. My eyes close, my head relaxes, my body goes limp, and then I feel it.

A sudden, and very distinctive kick from Landen! It has wakened me from my deepest sleep.

My first thought is always, “Are you okay in there?” I can’t help wonder if I’m squishing him. Sometimes when I bend down to get something, I feel his sudden movements.
Of course my imagination goes crazy, and it’s never a good thing! Where’s his head?
Did I wake him? Did I startle him?

Then I frantically Google everything from “how to sit when you’re pregnant” to “how many times your baby should move in a day.” I try not to obsess, but every week I get those updates from, reminding me to worry. I’m now at 30 weeks and it tells me that he should be moving a lot more by now and to let my doctor know if his movements become less frequent. But how much should he be moving? What’s normal? Is there a normal amount of times for babies to move?

I’ve been looking for patterns. He usually gets me up in the morning with a kick to the ribs. I usually feel him again after breakfast and lunch. The funniest thing to me, is that whenever I listen to live music or start typing, he starts moving! Then of course he moves the most at night while I’m trying to wind down, and again once I’m asleep. That’s his norm, but there are some days when I feel like he’s not moving very much at all.

So then I play loud music, I jiggle my belly, or eat something spicy… and he still won’t budge. It makes me frantic! Then when I’m least expecting it, I get a UFC kick to my navel, making my whole belly move! Even though it’s not the most pleasant feeling, especially considering I drink a lot of water, it has become an incredibly comforting feeling! It’s like his way of saying, “Mom, chill out! I’m okay. I’m just doing what the unborn do.”

So how did you handle these thoughts? What made you finally relax and know that your baby was doing fine?

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