Thieves Target Cars 4 Christmas Lot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Four cars set to be given away at this year's Cars 4 Christmas event at Harrah's Casino were stolen Tuesday morning from the lot where they were stored.

Dozens of cars donated to the Cars 4 Christmas and Cars 4 Heroes programs go to 'A' Automotive Service at 11240 Hickman Mills Rd. in south Kansas City, Mo., where they are fixed before they are given away to war veterans and families in need.

The owner, Abraham Karmi, says he moved his lot to this location three years ago because the Kansas City Police Department South Division patrol sits across the street.  But last week, the patrol moved into a new building at 9701 South Marion Drive.  With no officers across the street anymore, he feared thieves might attack.  And they did.

He says the thieves hot-wired four cars and took off with them.  They also damaged two other vehicles but were unable to get them started.

"If we were selling them, we may take a loss here or there," Karmi said, "but those vehicles, they were going to someone who really needs those vehicles.  They have no transportation.  Now we are just going to have to come up for other vehicles for them."

The stolen cars are described as a dark blue 2001 Honda Civic, a black 2001 Nissan Altima, a dark blue 1999 Dodge Durango and a gold 2002 Buick Sentry.

"One of them was a single mom, two of them were veterans," Karmi said.  "They’ve been without a vehicle for so long, they need, basically, basic transportation.  We go through those cars, those vehicles, it is so hard to get them ready.  Finally we got them ready to give them away on Friday and now they’re gone."

Karmi said he is donating 30 vehicles to the Cars 4 Christmas program this year.  If you would like to donate a car or would like to apply to get a car through this program, go to to learn more.

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