Snow Increasing On Back Side Of Storm

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6:30 Update

Radar returns on the back side of the storm are looking very healthy along the I-70 corridor extending back towards Topeka. I’ve been hoping they would weaken as they moved east but at this point that really is not happening fast enough although they are weakening somewhat. So for areas from KC north to St Joe an additional inch is possible from this band up till about 10PM or so when all the activity should lighten considerably.

Regardless of the additional snow, as expected this evening with the loss of daylight plus the chilly air, roads are certainly getting slick out there. In my subdivision the roads/pavement are getting snow covered and it’s happened in the last 1 hour. we’re also not melting or compacting the snow as much now as a few hours ago, so the snow is accumulating again.

Use EXTREME CAUTION tonight and be alert for changing road conditions all night long


3PM Update++++++

Well things are evolving about as expected through the region. Widespread 1-3″ snow totals have been reported and the pavement/roads seem to be holding up pretty well thanks to the treatments and the daytime hours. This combined with temperatures near freezing have contributed to a pretty scene across the region.

Now as we head towards evening and with the colder air pressing southwards, as I talked about yesterday it’s time to be more vigilant, especially after dark to changing road conditions. Here is the 2PM surface map showing the chillier air pressing southwards.


As temperatures drop into the mid 20s regionwide and as darkness takes over + with some additional snowfall (mostly under 1″ for the rest of the storm and especially from I-70 northwards) roads will have a better opportunity to get slick. The system itself is in the process of falling apart later this afternoon, but there should be enough lift from it, combined with the front moving through and the moisture available to generate a mostly light snow that will go on through later this evening. It may stop at times as well.

Overall, at this point I’m pleased with the forecast. My error thus far was under-estimating the potential closer to the Lakes by about 1-2″ or so. So far though so good for most of the region. Let’s see how the end game plays out this evening.

Finally one of our Twitter friends sent this in. Thanks @femoncayo


11AM Update:

The back edge of the accumulating snow is moving through the west side of the metro as of this typing. The dry slot part of the storm is moving in and will effectively cut off accumulations this afternoon for most of the immediate area. Here is radar from Pleasant Hill at about 10:45.


Once that brighter green area moves away, the bulk of the decent snow will move away as well. The satellite picture/loop shows the mid-level dry air working into the region.


Some parts of the metro are in the 1-2″ range, especially on the south and southeast side of town. I’ve had about 1.5″ on the grass in Olathe as of this typing.


It’s taking a bit of time, and for some in our viewing area, think JUST NW of the metro, odds are you’ll see very little snow out of this, but the snow is now falling from KC southwards, and already there seems to be some interesting developments from our storm.

One of which is the band of snow setting up to the south of the area, from Clinton To near Sedalia towards Central MO. We’ve gotten FB comments about upwards of close to 2″ in areas well off towards the east of the KC area, around Marshall, MO.

It appears to me that the bulk of the snow will be occurring over the next 3-6 hours or so. After that while there may be some snow showers, it will get more intermittent and accumulations will get a bit tougher to come by.

Here is a look at radar from about 9AM or so.


For the metro, again the worst may be over the next 6 hours and depending on the road treatments things may not get that terrible from a road standpoint. Temperatures are going to drop however during the course of the day. There is also a dry slot working into the KS side that will spread east through the late AM hours shutting things down in the PM.


Here is a picture from @megstwistedtree in Adrian, MO

Meanwhile farther southwards towards Mound City, MO here is a picture from down there…from @austinearl13

and from outside my house in Olathe.

Feel free to send us your pictures via twitter @fox4wx or through email or FB, especially when the storm is done.

Here is the surface map from the 8AM hour showing the cold front moving in and the chillier temps slowly seeping through the region.


So with all this is your timeline for the day.

Now through Noon: Snow continues, mostly light but with an occasional moderate uptick, especially farther SE of the KC area in the moderate band outlined in the above radar. The bulk of our accumulations will be in this timeframe. The farther NW of the KC area you get the lighter the snow totals. For the metro, amounts may range from 1″ on the NW side of KC to about 2″ on the SE side assuming the snow continues and especially on the grassy areas. IF it shuts down quicker and this band falls apart these amounts will be tough to achieve. Temperatures should stay in the 30-32° range for the KC region (colder up to the north). Areas farther south, towards the Lakes should be able to get a bit more than this

2PM-7PM: Not much snow as a dry slot cuts into the area and shuts things down. There may be a bit of freezing mist/drizzle/flurries. Treated roads should hold up.

7PM-12AM: Snow showers and light snow patches may again move through. Accums from a dusting to 1″ on the high side as the “core” of this weak “storm” falls apart and shears through the region. Temperatures will be getting colder so watch for more slick areas on ALL roads.

I’ll keep an eye on things for the day and post updates as necessary. As was stressed last night and all weekend for that matter, this will NOT be a major storm for us. This will be a nuisance IF you don’t like the snow.

Have a great end of 2012 and Happy New Year! Sort of ironic right, in the 3rd driest year in our weather history, we’re ending things on a wet/white note.


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