Five Tech-Savvy Resolutions for 2013

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to keep. But if they don’t require a lot of effort, maybe, just maybe we’ll have more success at keeping them.

I’ve come up with five easy resolutions for 2013. Pick one or — if you’re feeling really ambitious — choose them all to achieve geek-freak status.

First up, share your Netflix password. (Is that legal?! Surely, Netflix knows this happens.) Frankly, with us all falling over the fiscal cliff, there are some who can’t afford it. So for the sake of entertainment and your family and friends’ finances, share your password. If you use the same password for all your accounts, change the Netflix password to something you’re more willing to share.

Second, back up your information. Whether it’s on the Cloud, CrashPlan, Carbonite or on a flash drive, do yourself a favor and save your stuff. Back up anything that could cause you to have you an emotional meltdown should you lose it: photos, passwords, important documents, etc.

Another option for a New Year’s resolution: ditch your phone at dinner! Instead of enjoying the virtual world while in the company of others, pick up your head and pay attention to the people in front of you. Eye contact does wonders for the soul. Try it. Reconnect with humanity — in person.

Something else for 2013, help your hopeless, clueless, technologically-challenged friends. You know who they are. Take a deep breath, and accept the cold, hard reality that many are still transitioning into the 21st century. Help them with whatever they need be it their smartphone, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Whatever it is, help them understand it. You will do us all a favor!

And finally, consider unplugging in 2013. Technology can be a distraction, and sometimes it can be a waste of time. So, every now and then, take a Facebook sabbatical, turn off Twitter, log out of your work email on your smartphone — if just for a day or two. It will leave you feeling refreshed and could reduce your anxiety and stress. And we all need a little less stress.

Here’s to a happy, tech-savvy 2013!

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