Weak System=More Snow?

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Good morning and Happy New Year! A Cold start to 2013 as temperatures this AM head pretty steady around 10° or so for KC. Probably would’ve been colder had we not had a SW wind weakly blowing all night long. There were some colder single digit lows as St Joe dropped to 3° with Gardner and Chillicothe dropping to 5°.

The cold airmass on top of us today will try to modify a bit with the early January weak sun, but highs will struggle to get to freezing. The other issue were going to have today is a weak disturbance that is creating snow across the Plains. It’s really not much snow so I’m not overly excited about the prospects of getting much but I wouldn’t be surprised later today or tonight if maybe there are some snow showers in the area.

The satellite picture this AM shows several things. One is the snowfield that is in abundance through the Central Plains states this AM. If skies were clear across more terrain in the Plains you’d see more of the snow on the ground, but they’re not because of a disturbance moving through the Plains as well.


I’ve highlighted the area of clouds and snow on the ground. From the cloud cover in NE, if we look at NWS radar from Topeka you can see that some echos are showing up there.

There are some snow reports showing up, with visibilities in the snow in the 1-4 mile range telling me that the snow is mostly light.

Behind this little disturbance is a cold pocket of air that will droop into the area tomorrow and then move out on Friday. Tomorrow should be chilly with highs only in the 20s and lows FRI AM should again drop down to about 5-10° or so.

From there we’ll have some ups and downs over the weekend, another fast moving wave will move through later Saturday followed by a weak delivery of some cooler air on Saturday night before that cool airmass moves away on Sunday and from there we should start to moderate and thaw out for next week as the airmass gets much more reasonable for all of us and the snow gets eaten up by the warmer air.

There should be another system that has the potential for giving us some rain towards the middle of next week. The GFS is much more bullish compared to the EURO for the amount of rainfall and it’s far to early to worry about the accuracy of those models but it does look like we’ll get at least some moisture out of it either WED or THU.

before I leave you this AM…here is a look at the snowcover across the country this AM. Some 66% of the country is under a blanket of snow to start the new year.

Compared to last year, there is a big difference when about 19% of the country was snow covered.

As a matter of fact there is more snow on the ground, covering more of the country since records for this type of thing began in 2003/2004.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the FOX 4 Weather blog


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