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Man Dupes iPhone Thief into Fake Date to Get Phone Back

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

If you’re going to steal an iPhone, you’d better smarten up. With apps like Find My iPhone, tracking the location of the stolen gadget is easier than ever. But there are other ways that can turn the average iPhone user into a savvy Internet detective when their phone goes missing.

Case in point: Nadav Nirenberg. He lost his iPhone on New Year’s Eve. When he received an email alert notifying him that someone was messaging women through OkCupid on it, Nirenberg got creative.

He created a fake profile on OKCupid himself — pretending to be a woman. He used a picture of a young, busty woman named ‘Jennifer Gonzalez’ and sent a message to the man he suspected of stealing his phone. He said he used lots of “winks and smiley faces” in order to seem like a girl.

The suspected thief took the bait. He suggested the two meet. Nirenberg agreed and led the thief to his own apartment. According to Mashable, when gentleman caller showed up at Nirenberg’s door he was decked out for a date. He even brought a bottle of wine.

Nirenberg then surprised the man with a tap on the shoulder from behind. Brandishing a hammer, Nirenberg demanded the guy fork over his phone. Nirenberg said after he gave the thief $20, he was given back his phone.

Police don’t suggest trying this yourself. Master Patrol Officer James Schriever said people should first file a police report. He admits that filing charges can be difficult because many times it’s impossible to prove the person in possession of the phone is the person who stole it. However, Schriever said police are happy to help individuals recover their stolen property.

“I’ve done it several times,” he said, referring to accompanying a victim while they went to reclaim their phone. “And I just talked with several officers last week that did the same thing.”

Schriever said people should consider their safety first. Police are happy to help. You just have to ask.

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