Violent Offender Registry Lets You See Who Lives Next Door

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Do you know who your neighbor is?  Or who may be living on your street? And do you know if they've been convicted of a violent or serious drug crime?

A little known website in the state of Kansas will provide you with that information.

Like the national sex offender registry, this government website can tell you many details about the men and women who live, work or go to school in your Kansas neighborhood.

Those registered have been convicted of crimes like robbery or murder.

Local sheriff's departments say knowing who they are and where they live is important information to have.

Wellburn neighborhood watch captain Janet Golubski stays on top of the crime in her community. She can even tell you where each and every sex offender in the area lives.

"I just want everybody to be safe. And that's important," Golubski said.

But even Golubski was surprised when we told her there are convicted violent criminals living on the very streets she thought she knew so well.

The information can be found at the tip of anyone's fingers.  It's thanks to a little known Kansas Bureau of Investigation offender registry.  The registry shows a picture and address, along with the offense of any violent offender registered with local law enforcement.

It's as easy as putting in an address and search parameters.  The site will tell you who's living in your neighborhood.

"That is good," Golubski said. "We all should know that. Especially like that ones who's out and he didn't serve that much time, I don't think."

Johnson County Deputy Sheriff Tom Erickson says registry's like this are an important tool for any community.

"You know there are people that are very violent that live amongst us and there are people that have done crimes related to substantial drug crimes," he said. And you know as a neighbor, as a friend you want to know whose living around you and what kind of things they've done in their past."

Knowledge that could help you make better decisions, stay safe and live smarter.

Offenders are required to report to their local Sheriff's Department four times a year.  How long they have to report is up to a judge.

To sign up for alerts of see who lives in your Kansas neighborhood go to,
click here.

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