Glad We Didn’t Build An Ark!

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Well that was a disappointment…I wasn’t expecting much out of this, but by the same token I wasn’t thinking that we’d have 30 minutes of light rain either. So far amounts have only been in the area of a few hundredths of an inch and while we may see scattered showers off and on for the rest of the day and into the evening, amounts will likely stay around 1/4″ or so. A few areas on the MO side of things may do a bit better than that but another big disappointment and as been my mantra all week long, we’re running 19.7″ below average since April 1st of 2012, and this storm isn’t really going to help the cause all that much, if at all. Here are doppler indicated totals so far.

When you look at what the storm has achieved across the southern Plains and you see what it’s doing for us, it really is pretty sad. This very slow moving storm SHOULD have given us 1-2″, which is tough enough to do in an average winter (during the driest time of the year as well), and yet we’re essentially dealing with table scraps.

ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 10 09.08

So with all that said, let’s focus on tomorrow which continues to look VERY promising for a run towards a record high temperature of 65° set back in 1960. There is no cold air being sucked into this storm, since it’s coming from northern Old Mexico, as a result, temperatures tonight may be level, if not creep up a few degrees, and on the assumption we get enough sunshine tomorrow, we’re off to the races.. Forecast profiles of the atmosphere suggest 65-70° is VERY doable, and there is actually upside from there IF we get enough wind. As is winds will be gusting to about 35 MPH. The only thing that would keep us from going crazy on temperatures would be clouds that could cut things a bit from the highs.

The ALL-TIME record high is 75° set back in 1950. While very doubtful…the atmosphere has the potential of getting there.

Then all will change as a seasonably strong cold front will rush through the area Saturday night. This will usher in a colder airmass, but even this airmass will be nothing but a return to where we should be for this time of the year, with the winds blowing though on Saturday, wind chill factors will be in the 20s.

If you were watching last night, you heard me allude to a possible snow maker for Saturday night-early Sunday to the SE of the metro. I didn’t want to put any chance of snow for us in the forecast last night, because the evolution of any snow was so iffy, and would require perfect tracking that I said we’d just watch it another day to see whether or not the forecast needed updating. Data out last night (EURO) and today (NAM) suggest that prudence was a wise decision. NOT shockingly, everything is pushed much closer to the I-44 corridor and it does appear another long mainly dry stretch is shaping up for the region.

The drought lives on and it won’t break anytime soon.

As you may know, here at Casa Lauria we have a few cats. feeding time can be interesting and whether you have cats or dogs or whatever else you know how entertaining things can be. I saw this video yesterday and I thought it was pretty adorable.

Have a great day and enjoy the warmth tomorrow.


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