Print 3D Objects from Home

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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- Printers have come long way since the days of dot matrix, hitting milestones along the way like color and laser printing. Now printers are going 3D, printing real objects.

Though companies have been using 3D printers to make prototypes for years, new technology now allows consumers to take advantage of it at home.

“3D printing is where you take a digital 3D object and basically run it through a machine that prints it out into plastic objects,” said Diego Porqueras, founder of Deezmaker 3D printers.

Porqueras started out as an object printing hobbyist, but when he discovered that the technology was still too difficult and expensive for mainstream, he decided to create a solution–Deezmaker.

“You just download a design or create it yourself,” said Porqueras. “Basically do some little settings and print it out.”

Deezmaker offers four different 3D printers starting at $850.

Others in the 3D printing realm have had similars ideas too, like Makerbot.

Their Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer sells for $2,200. Something the they claim is, “…the best desktop 3D printer yet.”

So how do these work?

A site called offers up inspirations and plans. There, users can find a number of 3D models to choose from including tools, spare parts or even figurines.

“It’s for hobbyists, artists, engineers and basically everybody’s going to have one of these in their house eventually,” said Porqueras.

As 3D printing slowly making its way into the mainstream companies like Staples are testing out the technology. The company recently announced they will soon offer in-store 3D printing in the Netherlands and Belgium.

For more information, visit

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