Easy Tips to Get Your Home Organized

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Feel like you're always scatter-brained? Does it take an hour just to find that one dress you want to use because it's buried in your closet? If that's you, then it's time to get organized. Tracy Hoth, professional organizer and owner of Simply Squared Away, showed us how to get it together in 2013.

If you want success:
1. Commit to just one thing
2. Plan. Write it on your calendar/block time for it.
3. Use accountability: Set a date & time for your accountability partner to come see what you have done. (According to the American Society of Training and Development your chance of completing a goal is 95 percent if you do this.)

1. To organize: So you are not overwhelmed begin by taking out one color at a time
2.  Favorite hangers + scarf hanger
3. 10 minute routine: Pick all things off of the floor in your room/closet when you start laundry & spruce up organizing when you put clean clothes away!

1.  Designated area for trash!
2. Container for essential items. (Use what you have like a Crystal Light contianer)
3. 5 minute routine. Every time you get gas clean out all trash. Every time you exit your car in the garage clean out all trash (have trash can in garage). Kids clean their area while you get gas and before they can go in the house!

1. Inbox - All paper comes into the home and goes in the inbox
2. 10 minute routine - STAND (the secret) and process the paper (tie to something - coffee, email, mail)
3. Temporary folders (Action file or ascending files)
4. Taxes - Every year during taxes clean out files, put in tax tub, label.

1. Routine: One area every time you cook dinner.
2. Stand up organizer - lids, platters, pans
3. Use what you have i.e. cereal box, old tupperware, client's stationary box lid for pad/pencils

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