Snowfall Totals

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Well overall this “storm” has performed as expected concerning the snowfall with widespread dustings to 1″ or so reported for most areas from KC southwards and then about 1-2″ north of downtown KC up towards KCI…most of the decent accumulating snow is done now (or moving away) and now the focus for the rest of the day will be on the colder air and the gusty winds that will make that 74° day from Monday even more of a memory. Here are some snow totals reported north of the I-70 corridor. click on this image to make it more readable.

ScreenHunter_14 Jan. 30 13.36

While pleased with the snow forecast, the rain forecast on the other hand (in terms of quantities) from the storm were seriously under-forecasted for…I though maybe on the highside yesterday AM we could get close to 1″…this storm though, for a change, was a storm that kept on giving, as a matter of fact it was one of our best rainfall producing storms in months around these parts for many areas. Although officially @ KCI it was the usual run-of-the-mill 6/10s” and on inch or so most areas did considerably better (btw…ironic that KCI will come out of this with more snow than most). Here are some maps starting with the north side of the metro.

ScreenHunter_11 Jan. 30 07.54

Now let’s move farther southwards…

ScreenHunter_12 Jan. 30 07.54

and finally on the south side of KC…

ScreenHunter_13 Jan. 30 07.54

A lot of near 1.5″ totals in that bunch and while some soaked in, I had more than the usual puddles in my poor draining areas of my backyard, probably because the soil was pretty solid from the cold a few inches below the surface. This should have led to perhaps more runoff and that is not necessarily a bad thing because so many of the retaining ponds/lakes were needing some serious filling.

We’re going to get a pretty healthy shot of cold air over the next few days, and somebody, especially with some snow on the ground, may end up near or even below zero on Friday AM. Those chances are higher north of KC but there is some pretty decent cold air sitting up across the Northern Plains states.

Here is a look at the map for the Northern Plains states where the temperatures in RED are well below zero.


This cold air will move through the area through Friday AM and then start to pull away and modify towards the weekend. Friday AM the core of the arctic high will be almost on top of us, so owith clear skies/light winds and pretty dry air we should tank mostly into the 5° range, but again depending on who may have a couple of inches of snow on the ground…435 northwards in the Northland, the potential of near 0 or sub-zero lows will be there.

Finally in the warmer air part of the storm complex, there was a significant outbreak of severe weather, although it appears the number of tornadoes was very few compared to the number of wind reports that have come in. Here is a look at the reports of severe weather from yesterday…a lot of blue dots signifying strong or damaging winds. The tornado numbers may go up as the crews go out and evaluate the wind damage reports.

That’s it for the day, just dress warmly and keep an eye out for slick spots, worse towards KCI and northwards.

Have a great day!


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