Decent Cold Air Push Moving In

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

As we wake up this AM, temperatures are running in the 30s to near 40, if not warmer from KC southwards, and while we may see a few hours of warming today, a cold front moving through N MO now will help usher in 1) colder air for the afternoon and 2) low clouds that will take away our morning sunshine.

This cold air will be moving in behind a clipper system that has given N IL some snowfall this AM. O’Hare airport in Chicago has a ground delay in effect, indicating that flights are being held at their departure airports because of snow. I was worried last night that something like this would happen up there. More than 2″ of snow has fallen up there this morning and I believe that’s their “biggest” snow of the season so far.

Here is the latest surface map showing our front with an initial trof moving through the metro as of the 8AM hour.


There is a little rain towards the AR Ozarks area down through E TX, but this moisture will slide off towards the east. All those RED dots across IA indicate to me a LOT of low clouds. The clouds are about 1000-2000 feet off the ground so it’s a low gray overcast that should move into the region, perhaps breaking up some on the southern side as temperatures try and go up a few degrees this AM. Let’s see if we can get about our high of 42° that happened at 3AM this morning.

Just as quickly as the cold air comes in it should depart during the day tomorrow and we should then lurch into the warm air on Wednesday before at least some scattered showers move through on Thursday. The bigger storm will hold off till later in the weekend and we should warm up nicely ahead of the feature. We’ll deal with that storm as the week moves along. really no reason to get too involved with it at this point. With that said at least I can show you the storm in question, it’s still out there in the NE Pacific Ocean off the coast of Alaska.

Again we’ll talk more about that during the week.

I did this a few days ago and I’ll do it from time to time as the local weather permits, but here are some tweets that caught my eye this AM that you may be interested in looking at.

and finally…

Have a great day and remember to bundle up this afternoon, temperatures may be closer to 30° for the evening rush hour with wind chills in the teens to lower 20s!


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