A Fantasy Snowstorm

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Usually I really don’t get into posting images of what may happen 7-10 days down the road because 1) it will change dramatically 2) sometimes it will disappear totally 3) they rarely, if ever really are that accurate. I ran into some snow removal people yesterday and they’re not happy. I mentioned to them, like I’ve mentioned to you that I do think we’ll have another opportunity for something in the snow category. Whether it was 1″ or 10″ I have no clue and I still don’t, but the opportunity was going to be there I thought.

Well lo’ and behold what do we have hinted at by our model guidance early this AM…how about snow and maybe a good shot of it (per the models). The only reason I’m delving into this is that there is nothing else I can think of right now to write about.

So let’s get into it. There is one system slated for next Monday that will probably pass to the SE of here (from a moisture standpoint)…although it does bear watching.

Then there is the next one after that…it’s our fantasy snowstorm of the day if you will. To be honest, even the fantasy snowstorms (especially on the GFS model-the fantasy snowstorm creator) have been few and far between it seems this season but I digress.

So let’s get farther into this storm…it’s actually exists right now…all the way in Japan. I’ve traced the path of the energy that is our next fantasy snowstorm all the way to Japan some 8740 miles away!  Want me to go one step farther…here you go!

That’s Japan and I believe that’s the storm to the NE of Japan. OK so what’s about 8000 miles between friends. We surely know how “perfect” the models will handle a storm from that distance…not. but anyway it’s the only thing I’ve got to work with.

So this energy will be traveling across the Pacific Ocean and undergoing various changes as it does so. It’ll strengthen…weaken…maintain itself and eventually work into the Gulf Of Alaska by later in the weekend. From there it will drop into the SW part of the country early next week and this is what it ends up doing around here NEXT Thursday (the 21st).

ScreenHunter_08 Feb. 13 08.38

That would be your basic 6-12″ snowstorm along the I-70 corridor. This is the EURO model forecast for snowfall. The GFS model has it as well…

ScreenHunter_09 Feb. 13 08.40

So is it just a fantasy or is it real? The storm exists as I showed you so that is a step in the right direction. It doesn’t appear as if we’ll be overly warm on the Wednesday before the storm comes in so that too is a plus and helps with having some cool air around, instead of worrying how we’re going to be in the 60s one day and get cold enough for sticking snow the next. So there is potential on that standpoint. Now can the storm do what the models are forecasting…some 6-12″ across a good part of the region. Maybe I guess…everybody else has joined the winter party in the last few weeks, we do seem to be on a little island right now without having much snow.

Then I remember that this is still about 8 days away.


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