Florist surprises bosses with super-sized roses

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PLATTE CITY, Mo. -- Wendy Soutter has worked 15 days straight preparing for Valentine's Day. She's the floral manager at the Price Chopper grocery store in Platte City, Mo.

"We've been trying to educate the men to order early, that hasn't worked very well," she says, laughing.

Soutter commutes an hour each way to work, so this week her bosses decided to put her up in a hotel and brought her a refrigerated semi to keep the flowers she's ordered for store customers fresh.

"I thought I'd do something extra for Paul and Cy because they did something special for me," says Soutter.

What Soutter did for her two bosses Paul and Cy Bresette, brothers and co-owners of the grocery store, is order a dozen four-foot roses for each husband to give his wife.

"I know that their husbands are gone and away from home a lot, and I just know that they deserve something special," Soutter said.

The two brothers  said Wendy makes them look good to their wives every Valentine's Day.

"She makes it so it look like I did all the work, and the reality of the matter is I didn't do any of it," said Paul Bresette.

His brother Cy Bresette agreed.

"Wendy is outstanding," he said. "She looks after us, and we do the same for her."

Neither man had ever seen four foot roses before, let alone knew they existed. Each hopes his wife will be impressed.

"You only get a couple of chances a year to really make your wife happy, so when I throw a three or four foot rose in front of her, I hope that it works," Paul said.

Same goes for his brother Cy.

"She'll probably start crying when she sees four-foot roses," he said. "Neither of us has ever seen four-foot roses. They are beautiful."

Roses can grow up to six feet long.  The varieties that grow that long only come from Ecuador.

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