Cold Front And Maybe Some Snow

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Well it’s not too bad out there this afternoon as temperatures have nudged close to 50° as of the noon hour. There is a cold front though that will change things a bit heading towards the weekend and that will be the second thing that we talk about on the blog today. Thanks for reading!

First though I wanted to thank all the folks at the FOX 4 Love Fund as well as the Sheraton/Weston in Crown center. They treated us great today as we tried to raise some money for the FOX 4 Love Fund with their annual Chocolate Breakfast. This year was bigger and better than last year and we had a couple of hundred folks wake up bright and early this AM to support the Love Fund. Here are a couple of pictures from early this AM. I was the MC and it was a great crowd!



So with that out of the way…Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here @ FOX 4. I don’t think I seen so much red since the Red Friday’s we had about 10 years ago!

Now onto the weather…a healthy but very seasonable front will be moving in later, you’ll know it because the winds will start to pick up later today into tonight. In reality we’ve already seen some cool air move down, but the cooler air is still lagging behind and that will move in tonight.


So temperatures tomorrow should be about 10° cooler than today and while breezy in the early AM the winds should slacken in the PM.

With the colder air in place, there will be a few disturbances caught in the flow that will need to be watched. Odds are. with so much dry air in place they won’t do a lo, but a few flurries or even some patches of light snow won’t surprise me through early SAT AM. At this point I wouldn’t expect any accumulations but should a snow shower be heavy enough tomorrow evening, perhaps some could sneak in a dusting.

Saturday looks chilly but still reasonable for mid February and then just as quickly as the cold air moves in, it will move out starting Saturday night and by Sunday temperatures will again soar well into the 50s (at least). I should also mention the the winds will be cranking away beginning early Sunday AM and continuing through the day (25-35 MPH).

I wanted to show you how the atmosphere is going through this transition. Here are the temperatures @ the 850 millibar level or about 5,000 feet up or so. This map is valid for Saturday. Notice all the pink/blue colors, that’s some pretty cold air aloft.

Now notice what happens about 24 hours later…

Notice how those colder colors shift towards the east and now we’ve got the  greener/yellow colors moving in…those are the “warmer” colors that tell me the atmosphere will warm up nicely to finish the weekend.

Another cold front will come through on Monday dropping temperatures to seasonable levels for Monday.

Then there is the storm that I wrote about yesterday. It’s still there…but I won’t bother to write much about it today since it’s a week away…but something should happen later on next week…odds are it starts as liquid and we’ll see how the track of the storm plays out, and whether or not we’ll see a transition to snow. Keep it on your radar because this does look to be a vigorous storm system, whether or not we’re fully involved in it or not is too early to say but it does appear as if blizzard or near blizzard conditions may develop not that far away again the timing on this is NEXT Thursday into Friday AM.

There appears to be plenty of weather action as well behind that next strong system as well, so it continues to appear as if the last February will be more eventful from a “storm” standpoint…and that may go into early March as well.

Not a lot of interesting tweets today but here are a couple.


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