Another Snowstorm: Chances increasing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

First, a big thank you to all that tuned in to FOX 4 News/Weather yesterday and of course the FOX 4 Weather Blog. We just saw the ratings for the station yesterday and all I can say is thanks again for watching…and I’ll just leave it at that, but wow!

Okay, so we’re in the process of digging out from a record snow yesterday and the latest satellite picture shows the extent of the snow/cloud cover in the region. Skies are trying to clear out and the latest visible image shows the expanse of the snowcover across the Plains. As I mentioned yesterday, and check the blogs for the connection to the ongoing drought, which this storm took another chink out of, this is exactly what many with agricultural connections needed, and there may be more on the way.

First I wanted to show you a couple of satellite images showing the snowfield. It’s tough sometimes on the visible image to differentiate from clouds and snow. If you look carefully on the KS side, you can see little black specks. Those are the area lakes showing up without snow on them. Pretty cool too see.

This next image should be updated in the afternoon and is more of a close-up of the KC area…hopefully the clouds will continue to break up more so that things show up better, if not tomorrow may show the snowcover a little better.

As of this writing @ 11 AM it’s yesterday’s image but usually it’s updated by about 2PM. Hopefully it’s a neat shot from space.

Here is another way of showing the extensive snowcover from yesterday.

That’s a lot of snow out there. As a matter of fact 62% of the Midwest terrain is covered in snow on that perspective and nationwide the snowcover is about 58% an increase of 9% since yesterday and up 30% since last year! Oh by the way, from the above perspective, snowcover last year on this date was 2.5%

So with that said it’s time to focus our attention on the next possible storm which some of the models have been hinting at and today more models are falling into that camp and it could be another plowable, significant snow, which potentially may again create some thunder(?) somewhere in the region.

Another storm will be dropping into the Plains states and intensifying nearby and even cutting off according to some of the models. This means that this could be a potentially very slow moving storm, whether it be here or east of here.

Here is the storm now, off the coast of British Columbia. It’s that swirl off of Vancouver Island.

The track of the storm will be a little different dropping from there to near Salt Lake City Sunday morning to Amarillo on Sunday night to near Tulsa or closer Monday AM (I think closer to us is what the models will come around too). There are still disagreements with the exact location of the center of the storm and how close it will be to the KC area, but one thing that the models are pointing towards is a VERY dynamic system. Initially it may be somewhat moisture starved since it’s coming on the heels of the storm that just affected us but the dynamics of the storm may/should compensate and the models are signaling another round of convection with the storm somewhere in the region.

Initially there may also be an issue of precip type, but that may quickly be erased by the storms intensity as it cools down the atmosphere by itself and leads to snowfall production. Who exactly gets the worst of the snow remains to be seen, but there are players on the field again and they mean business.

We’ll keep this blog on the shorter side for a change today and get more into Monday’s storm over the weekend. I’m sort of blogged out for the morning!

Have a great Friday and a good weekend


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