Mayor ‘personally’ informs and encourages residents on twitter

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Mayor of Kansas City frequently communicates via twitter, and this week he was especially busy trying to answer questions during two significant events– the explosion at JJ’s and the winter storm.

Friday morning, the mayor had ongoing twitter conversations with people who follow him about the storm and the city’s clean-up.

It began with a series of factoids (as he called them) about the #kcstorm.

His factoid tweets:

  • Factoid: Snow storm 6400 lane miles of streets, 2700 miles of primaries or arterials, 3700 miles of residentials.
  • Factoid: All arterials have been plowed. Will be cleaned curb to curb overnight. 60% of Res were plowed by 7 pm Thurs
  • Factoid: All Residentials will be plowed with at least 7′ width by Friday night. 60 buses were stuck at height of storm
  • Snow falling at rate of 4″ per hour at 1point. 2nd highest 1day total snowfall City’s history. Highest was 25″ in 1912.
  • Estimated cost of storm clean up $1.925 million. ($175,000 per inch)

The mayor also “took questions” from other tweeter citizens.

“Are the Maxx buses running?” one tweeter asked, to which the mayor replied “regular bus service today.”

In his answer to one citizen’s tweet which asked, “Can u tell me why all the major roads is clean but not one plow has touched my street and I’m still snowed in?” the mayor answered:

“yes. Priority has been main arterials to keep buses, PD, amb, going. Res. roads r 60% now and should be all done by 7pm tonight.”

See the picture below to know what the mayor and road crews want people to do with their cars so they can have better access as they plow. (Streets that run north or south, park on the west side of the street.  Streets that run east or west park on the north side of the street.)

If your car was towed, contact the City Tow Lot at 7750 E. Front St., Kansas City, Mo., beginning Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  For more information call 816-513-0680. Cars stuck on highways are likely towed by the Department of Transportation. Call 816-607-2000 in Missouri or 913-782-8100 in Kansas or *47 on your cell in Kansas.

To follow the mayor on twitter like we do at FOX 4, click here for his twitter profile.  Follow FOX 4 on twitter and join the conversation!

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