Joe’s Wx Blog: Another storm coming

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I just looked at the KCI snow depth and we’re now down to 1″ of snow there. Here on the south side there is more than that, but we’re starting to see patches of grass on the ground now and with the weather over the next several days, all the snow, except for the piles and some of the shaded areas will be eaten away at. That means Frosty is going to be in pretty rough shape as well. Sad for him but good for those who are hunkering for a bit more of a spring-time feel around here.

It will also mark a return to more average temperatures here that should eventually trend above average next week sometime. So far, and granted the month is barely a week old, we’re running almost 9° below average for the month. That’s pretty drastic but when you consider the average high is 52° for today, and we haven’t seen 50s in awhile (2/18), and we’ve had snow on the ground for 2 straight weeks, it’s no wonder we’ve been so cold.

There is still snowcover out there. I saw this satellite picture taken yesterday afternoon that highlights the city effect on the snow. You can actually see a hole in the snow around the KC area. the picture is a good one because when it was taken skies were nice and clear, so what you’re seeing is all snow on the terrain.

If we broaden things out just a bit, and keeping in mind the “whiteness” that you see across the OK/TX area is cloud cover…you can clearly see that the snow is wasting away now and confined to the area above and points NEwards…

You can see the hole in the snow on that view as well. That hole is because of additional melting, urban effects (heat island), plowing, etc all related to urban living.

So with all that said let’s look at our next storm that is in the process off bringing in some warmer air, and will allow temperatures to finally crack 50°, if not today then tomorrow for sure. The storm now is located out along the west coast and will come at us in two pieces. In reality, IF we hadn’t been pretty wet since 2/21 this storm would probably be just another form of a drought teaser for us and seems to be taking a track like many of the storms have done so far over the last few months and go towards the NW of us. We really did get “lucky” with the 1st snowstorm giving us all that moisture considering the track it took. This storm over the weekend will again be taking a track that is not favorable for us to get a bunch of rainfall. With storms that go to the NW of here, the dry slot usually becomes an issue and that is what will probably happen again cutting down on the rainfall.

Here is the water vapor satellite image showing the storm off the coast of San Francisco.

As the storm pushes towards Palm Springs, CA tomorrow night then moves towards Goodland, KS Saturday night it will break up into a couple of pieces. One piece will shear off towards the NW of here, while a southern piece will move south of here. Typically when storms split into pieces the amounts of precipitation are reduced as well. You can see the precipitation pattern showing up in the EURO forecasted amounts…notice, heavier to the NW and towards the S/SSE of the KC area.

ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 07 08.14

Click on that image to get a better idea of how much precip it expected. There will be a winter side to this storm, but mostly it looks to affect areas towards NE and SD as opposed to closer to home. A few flurries wouldn’t be shocking on Monday but no accumulations are expected.

Since this storm won’t really be tapping any arctic air, as a result the cold shot that moves in will not last too long, although there may be another system that moves through the Great Lakes area that delivers somewhat chillier air into the region TUE/WED of next week. We should warm up it appears heading towards Snake Saturday. A few days ago this looked to be a stormy/cold set-up but for the last couple of days it is looking more and more likely that we may be very warm again for St Patrick’s Day. It’s still though a long ways out.

So here is what I’m expecting for the next few days…

Tomorrow (Friday): Increasing clouds that will lower and thicken later in the day. Highs should pop into the 50s but with a lot of wind (South to SE at 15-25 MPH)

Friday Night: Some scattered showers/rumbles will be possible of moisture and warm air aloft move in. Best chances appear to be in NE KS and NW MO. Whatever forms will be moving quickly towards the NNE. Temperatures stay in the 40s

Saturday: Not a washout but we should have at least some off and on rain showers, and/or patches of drizzle. Amounts appear to be under 1/2″ and a lot of wind again (South at 20-30 MPH or so) Temperatures in the 50s, but with all the clouds/wind it will feel chillier.

Sunday: Mostly Cloudy skies expected with temperatures in the 30s

That’s it for today, I’ll be filling in for MT tonight so I’ll see you @ 5/6/9/10. Have a great Thursday and enjoy the milder (but only seasonable) temperatures.

Oh and I’ll be doing the featured image snow potential graphic for about another week or so, probably till the 15th of the month, then I’ll revert back to just some generic pictures. Unless of course something interesting is showing up for the end of the month.



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