Liberty winery hopes TV show brings folks looking for ‘spirits’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LIBERTY, Mo. -- A network television show believes in things that go bump in the night and that a business located in Liberty might be haunted.

The Bel Voir Winery is housed in a building that has more than 100 years of history and perhaps even a few ghosts living inside.

But its owners are hoping the winery could reap some rewards from being featured on a supernatural TV series.

"The wood trim around the building is all original as well," the Bel Voir's Jesse Leinkuehler told FOX 4 News.

Some of the residents might be original too.  The winery calls the former Odd Fellows Home its storefront.  The building has been a hospital, a retirement home, and orphanage.  Some folks say it's haunted.

"I heard a female voice say, 'Hello, little one,'" Leinkuehler recalled.

Leinkuehler told FOX 4 News that he's even seen the ghosts.  His family operated the winery.

"You don't spend time thinking about what's around the corner, but when something does happen, it's goosebumpy," he explained.

And now, the viewing audience will be able to judge for itself.  The winery will be the settting for an upcomign episode of the SyFy Channel series "Ghost Hunters," which features a crew that searches for paranormal activitity.

The crew searched the winery for the spiritis in early February.

"They enjoyed their time here. They wanted to stay longer to be honest," Leinkuehler said.

Stuart Elliott works for the Clay County Historical Society.  He's not surprised the show would take an interest in the old building.

He has heard of several legends of scary things happening in the building over the years.

"We've had people talking about it. They have seen sights, appartitions -- whatever. The classic thing where you'll see things in the night," Elliott said.

You may or may not believe in haunted houses, but the publicity is pretty hard to deny. The "Ghost Hunters" TV show is seen worldwide by millions of viewers, and Leinkuehler knows that could bring a lot of business to his Liberty-based winery.

"It's a great draw to Liberty and to Kansas City.  Even in Kansas City, there are a lot of people who don't know about us, even though we may be 15-20 minutes away," he said.

When customers come calling, they can enjoy two sets of spirits for the price of one.

Leinkuehler told FOX 4 News he can't reveal the details of the "Ghost Huners" episode that will feature the Bel Voir winery due to a confidentiality agreement he signed with the show's producers.

He said he isn't sure when the episode will air.

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