Metro residents hope this was last snowfall of the season

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's the last day of spring break for many metro students.  Most of them probably didn't predict they would be able to go sledding when their break from school began.

FOX 4 News was out in the elements Sunday, getting the reaction from children and adults about what most hope is the last snowfall of the year.

Most of the people we talked with said they're ready for spring to show its true colors and it's not white.

Even the birds must be confused by the calendar.  Shoveling snow is not what Valerie Rhodes expected to be doing over spring break.

"This is not spring break, if it was sand it would be alright, be 70 degrees and sand, that would be spring break," she said.

Rhodes said she's not crazy about snow, but admits her yard like most metro lawns needs the liquid.

"Every shovelful is saying 'Thank You, Lord for the moisture.'  We really need it," she said.

Most residents around the metro woke to an average of 8 inches of wet and heavy snow.  It was too wet and heavy for some snow blowers.

"I started with snowblower and unfortunatley, the snow is extremely wet.  It was clogging up the snowblower, so I had to go over to the shovel," Guy Clark told FOX 4 News.

So instead, Clark had to move his snow old school by using his shovel.

Kids and their parents who went sledding now wonder it all of this snow means, no school for Monday.  "The odds are 70 percent No, 30 percent Yes,"  according to parent Michael Neynes,

"Does this seem like spring break weather?," FOX 4 News asked Sean Neynes.

"No," he replied as he mounted his sled.

Of course, for him it's all down hill from here.  He counted all of the things he was going to do with the rest of his Sunday.

"Sledding, playing video games, relaxing and watching KU," he said.

Ah yes, that other March Madness, besides the snow plows in the spring.  On the last day of spring break, you're suppose to be able to shoot baskets in your driveway not blow snow out of it.

Just about every person FOX 4 News spoke to said their goal was to get their snow shoveling done before Sunday's big KU game against North Carolina.

"We're going to be watching the KU basketball game and I'm saving my KU sweatshirt for that moment.  It's draped in front of the tv," Rhodes said.

Winter began so mild for Kansas City.  There was hardly any snow in December, January and most of February.  However, in the last 30 days, most of us have had to deal with about 30 inches of snowfall, which is ten inches above the yearly average.

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