KCMO church burglarized 10 times in two years, hit again

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Bullet riddled glass, stolen musical instruments and busted pipes are just some of the damage a Kansas City, Missouri congregation said its church building has sustained over the last two years.

Members of the church said their building, located at 24th and Kensington, has been burglarized ten times.  The latest break-in occurred Friday, but church members said Easter services will go on as planned.

Some of the members of the First Haitian Baptist Church did wha they always do on Saturday mornings.  They worshipped, despite another break-in Friday.

"As a Christian, you're not angry," explained Dieucoit Civil, a church trustee.  "Whoever's doing that we have to pray for him.  One day he will understand what they are doing, destroying a church where people coming to praise God."

Civil told FOX 4 News that the church has been broken into and vandalized ten times over the last two years, including twice in the past two weeks.

"Our carpet, our bathroom, our pipe, our water heater, they cut our electric wires.  They do everything they can do to make us leave," he said.

Civil said most often the thieves are looking for copper wire.  But he explained that recently the suspects just wreak havoc, shattering windows to get in, breaking pipes to flood the building and destoying bathrooms.

Civil said police have responded to the burglaries, but have no leads.

"I hope and I pray God someone will recognize whoever's doing this," he said.

The church trustee said nothing they do will keep the congregation away.

"We're not going anywhere.  This is our church.  We will stay here.  Praise the Lord, whatever they do.  They can do whatever they want to do, but we're not going anywhere," Civil explained.

"We still will be coming.  We still will be serving God.  No matter what happens we still love Jesus Christ.  We keep coming every day," he said.

On Easter Sunday, church members will be back, prayign that those responsible for the burglaries and damages will change their ways.

The congregation said it has already spent $25,000 on repairs to their building.

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