Father claims doctor put hands on 4-yr-old son

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAWRENCE, Kan. - A trip to the eye doctor turns out to be a nightmare for a father when he said the doctor puts her hands on his 4-year-old son.

Justin Taylor said his son Jace has a big smile, he can be silly, or calm while watching his movies.

But Taylor said an eye doctor he visited last week, thought the special needs kid crossed the line.

"I was very upset it was really hard to control myself," Taylor said.

Taylor said he took his daughter to the Lawrence Family Vision Clinic.  He said Jace came along.

Taylor said while one of the doctors began her initial questions, Jace had become bored waiting around.  So, he climbed onto her vision chair.  Taylor does note it was clearly marked, do not touch.

But he said before he could stop his son, the doctor took matters into her own hands.

"Like somebody trying to restrain somebody, she jumped at him and then jerked him out of the chair and then marched straight over and just planted him, so it was very aggressive," Taylor said.

Taylor goes on to say to the doctor, "He's special needs and you just don't do that. I wouldn't put my hands on your kids you don't put your hands on my kids and she said quote, 'My office, my way,'"

Taylor said he gave the doctor one last chance to apologize while walking out.  But he said she didn't.

Taylor filed a police report, but said his desire from all this, remains the same.

"I want an apology and she needs help she needs therapy.  Serious anger management or something like that.  That was outrageous and very rude," he said.

FOX 4 tried reaching out to that doctor by phone and in person.  Her assistant acknowledged Taylor as a patient and the incident.  But she said they were booked with other patients and would have no comment and are leaving it up to their lawyers to sort things out.


The Lawrence Police Department has forwarded this case to the Douglas County District Attorney's Office.  A spokesperson said the office is now reviewing the case to see if any charges will be filed.

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