Metro basketball players react to Louisville leg break

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — When you hear groaning and gasping while watching a basketball game, it’s usually because of a bad play. But Sunday, the shocked gasps were thanks to a nasty injury seen on live TV.

It was the Louisville versus Duke game in the Elite Eight match-up, Louisville player Kevin Ware fell and broke his leg in a very gruesome and very public way. It’s an image that Sumner Academy basketball players who were watching the game Sunday won’t soon forget.

“It was gruesome and nasty how it bent,” said senior Michael White.

“No one wants that to happen to them,” said Freshman Derek Sykes, “it was nasty, I have a weak stomach so I can’t watch stuff like that.”

Within seconds, social networks like Twitter and Facebook exploded.

“I got on Twitter to tweet about it and I saw the hashtag #prayforware and it hit me this is serious,” said Senior Jowell Daniels, “it’s hard to lose a big player and everyone to respond to it shows a lot of respect.”

Senior Alex Garvin said he couldn’t help but cringe thinking about how an injury like that could happen to anyone.

“I was in a game the night before that and I remember having that experience, jumping to block a shot, and I was trying to imagine if that would have happened to me.”

Coach Danny Parra was watching the game too and he was impressed Louisville was able to regroup and come back to win the game, just like Ware told them to before he was wheeled out of the arena.

“But to see that and the pain on everyone’s face, your heart goes out to the team and the coaching staff,” he said.

Parra’s players agree it was an impressive show of strength and determination to pull off a win under those circumstances. Some of the guys say they might even cheer for Louisville now, but they’re all cheering on Ware’s recovery.

“I hope he can continue his career in Louisville and continue his career in the NBA as he was on the road to do,” said White.

It turned out that Ware’s leg was broken in two places, but he’s already had surgery on it. His coach says Ware will need a year of recovery before returning to basketball.

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