Concerns Warrensburg murder suspect could flee U.S.

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WARRENSBURG, Mo. -- There are concerns a man charged in the murder of a Warrensburg bar owner could walk out of jail this week and never stand trial.

Ziyad Abid is accused of hiring a hit man to kill 25-year-old Blaine Whitworth. Abid was a student at the University of Central Missouri when the murder took place.

Since being taken into custody and dropped from the school, he is no longer on a student visa which means he is in the country illegally -- which is why he may never have to face the murder charge.

It's been a long seven months Blaine Whitworth's family.

"We would like to express our appreciation, you know, just for the outpouring of love and support," said Diane Whitworth, Blaine's mother. "That's the only way, through our faith, family and friends is how you go forward."

They've stood together with two main goals, one to carry on Whitworth's legacy. The other to seek justice for their son.

"I mean there will be justice, I mean there is a judgement day," said Diane. "You know, whether he actually ever goes to trial, you know. There will be that."

There's a fear Abid will not go to trial because in court Monday, Abid's laywer told the judge it's possible he could meet the conditions of his bond as early as this week.

If that happens, Prosecutor Lynn Stoppy says Abid will be released from Johnson County, Mo., custody and turned over to the Department of Immigration and customs enforcement. A hearing would then be held with I.C.E where Abid would have three legal options.

According to Stoppy -- one of those -- the option to be returned to his home country.

"When we first heard all of that it was hard to believe that someone that was charged with a crime could be given those options," said Diane. "Someone who came here, you know, took advantage of our educational system, you know is charged with a crime and then because of his unlawful status, then once if he were able to make bond he would be able to go before I.C.E and have those options."

Neither Abid's lawyer or I.C.E returned our calls for comment. Whitworth's family says they are trying to focus on the positive.

On Saturday, the inaugural Blaine Whitworth Go Big or Go Home 5K. For more information on the race, click here.

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