Basketball tournament shows good prevails over bad

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RAYTOWN, Mo. - Seeing all the young basketball players at the Clemons Memorial Classic Tournament brings bittersweet memories for Gerard Clemons, Sr.

"You look forward to it, but at the same time, it's definitely a heavy heart. You know this year comes around and it's a tear jerker," Clemons said.

Many of these basketball players were teammates and friends of his sons, Amir and Gerard, Jr.

"We have an opportunity to see what our kids would have looked like, in comparison you know to the ones that are out there playing right now," Clemons explained.

Amir and Gerard, Jr.'s childhoods are frozen in time, childhoods stolen by an unthinkable crime.

Determined for good to prevail over bad, the boys' basketball coach and parents decided to organize a basketball tournament.

"Basketball was their thing, their niche," said Rasheedah Myers, the boys' mother.

Forty teams are participating this year.

"They collect their allowances, and the walk in that door, and they'll give us a check of money that they've raised," said tournament director, James Price

All the proceeds this year goes to "Clemons Closet," providing necessities for students in need at Blue Ridge Elementary, in Raytown where Gerard and Amir went to school.

"All kids aren't fortunate, so anything that we can do to help.  Raytown has been so great to us and we just want to give back to the community," Myers said.

Gerard and Rasheedah gave birth to twin boys two years ago, and they've taken in their nephew, Davon, as their own, and in their hearts, the spirits of Gerard and Amir will forever be alive.

"I think they'd be very happy and proud that we were able to do this in their honor and I know they're looking down on us, smiling," Myers said.

The basketball tournament goes through Sunday at Raytown South High School, and everyone's invited to watch.

If you want to find out more about the Clemons family and how you can help fill up Clemons Closet or to sponsor the tournament, click here.

Find more about the Clemons Family on Facebook:  R.I.P. Amir and Gerard Clemons

Find more about the Clemons Memorial Classic on Facebook:  Clemons Memorial Classic

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