Chrisman high’s shop class features hands-on learning, giving back

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A local high school shop class is building a better community.  Students at William Chrisman High School in Independence are putting their skills to good use in Kansas City.

Cody Lambirth hammers on an engine in his home maintenance and repair class at William Chrisman High School.  It's a class that Lambirth said was his favorite.

"It's hands-on learning which is, I benefit from that more than I do paperwork and Mr. Gwinn is a great teacher," he explained.

He's talking about his teacher Rick Gwinn.  For the past 12 years, Gwinn has taught his students skills that will no doubt come in handy.

"Just simple repairs that they don't have to go out and pay an electrician or somebody to fix," Gwinn told FOX 4 News.

This semester, his students built a dog house that they donated to Spay and Neuter Kansas City.

"Brand new dog houses, we hardly ever get.  Gently used yes, but we are beyond thankful for the brand new dog houses we got, because  a lot of families will benefit from it," said the organization's Marlon Roberts.

Each semester for the past four years, Gwinn has made building a dog house a class project.

"The dog houses is a great way for them to give back to the community and to show what we can do to help out," Gwinn said.

Lambirth, who knows his way around the shop, said the construction part of the project was a bit challenging for him.  But he said it was worth the challenge when the house was completed.

"It was really good, really fun to do and it's even better to know it's going to go to a great to a great cause," he said.

This year, the dog houses were built from donated materials.

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  • Joe Burke

    It’s great to see classes teaching problem solving, hands on learning, & practical skills that are needed in our communities. These are the future builders and fixers of our nation being taught that there is honor in providing services to others. Without these types of classes we would fall prey to other nations when none of our citizens could provide needed construction and manufacturing to us.

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