Joe’s Wx Blog: Impressive rain & cold!

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This has been an interesting last couple of days watching the Plains weather…sharp April cold fronts are not unusual for this time of the year. 40-55° swings in the temperatures from one side of a state to another is rather dramatic though and that is what we’ve seen over the past 24 hours. Yesterday afternoon it was 93° in Abilene at lunch then it was snowing after midnight!!! Denver, CO was 71° on Monday then they had 3-7″ of snow. If your into weather that is some pretty serious stuff.

What really caught my eye though yesterday was some of the crazy weather happening in OK/KS/NE with a combination of convection with hail(!) and heavy snow. Parts of Nebraska had that phenomena happen, where the temperatures were in the teens and 20s and there was 1″ hail

So where do we stand this AM…as of 10AM here is the surface map…remember the temperatures are in RED…


So a fascinating last couple of days that continue to unfold today with moderate rain soaking the region with plenty more coming for the rest of the morning and through a good chunk of the afternoon. The latest radar is pretty thick with rainfall as of 10AM this morning at least.

The other thing to watch for is the amount of rainfall. Some localized heavy totals were created last night by the storms, but the rains are really coming now and many parts of the region will see 1-3″ of rainfall when things start to fade away later on. Here is the doppler radar estimates…

Remember last week we talked about this potential…as the models were rather bullish, especially the EURO. Remember the GFS really started to back off on the amounts for a couple of days as it was forecasting the storms evolution.

Rain may continue into the early evening and I would think the game tonight at the K will be in jeopardy or at least delayed for awhile…temperatures will only be around 40° or so, so regardless, it’s a miserable setting for baseball.

Closer to home, while we’re dealing with liquid stuff, central KS has been dealing with ice, and more than a little ice at that. Here is a look at a regional radar from Penn State showing the frozen precip the the west of the region, while it is shrinking somewhat, it’s still impressive for April 10th!

Our high temperature of the day occurred at 3:15 AM or so, at 47° @ KCI…now we’re down to 40° at it will be a struggle to go up for the rest of the day.

What’s interesting is that there is a somewhat similar, though different set-up for next week…so expect more wild swings in the temperatures through the end of next week and potentially more cold weather with, at least int he short term, the potential for freezing temperatures from THU AM-SAT AM…so gardeners consider that a heads up!

That’s it for today…one thing for sure, it’s great napping weather!


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