Joe’s Wx Blog: Back from Aruba for this?

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I’m in travel mode today and I’m wearing a short sleeve shirt with no jacket…I won’t arrive back into KC till late tonight and I dreading that walk from the bus to the car in the parking lot…temperatures dipping are a far cry away from the tropical breezes I got to enjoy for the last week or so.

On top of all that there has been snow in the area, and depending on how far north or west you live, actually accumulating snowfall. Snow this late into April is really unusual and there in fact have been some record snows today across KS, including Topeka and Concordia. To add insult to injury, freeze warnings are in effect for a large chunk of the area as record cold is likely towards daybreak tomorrow. The record low for tomorrow is 27° set back in 1967.

Look at how the temperatures have changed over the past 24 hours!


How much below average are we? Well through late this afternoon temperatures are running 20-40° below average for this time of the year. We should be close to 70° right now…instead we’re in the middle 30s.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, things are going to get a lot better over the next week or so as warmer air floods into the Plains states…so this cold will become a distant memory. The growing season has certainly taken a big hit this year, compared to previous years, and especially last year. I dug up a couple of satellite photos…one showing last April with everything nice and green…

ScreenHunter_06 Apr. 21 17.20

Now take a look at where we were a coupl eof days ago…

ScreenHunter_05 Apr. 21 17.19

Notice the contrast in the colors…really amazing from year to year. There have been numerous record April total snow records coming in from the upper Midwest. Heck as of today almost 24% of the country is still covered in snow!

Overall, I’d rather be back in Aruba.



Stay warm…or at least have warm thoughts…maybe the picture above will help out…at least a little?


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