Spring outdoor furniture tips from Westlake Hardware

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Westlake Hardware shares spring outdoor furniture tips.

Leather Furniture Care
DON'T use markers to treat spots on leather. They will never match the exact color, and they are not made for that purpose and will create an irregular look

DO use a product like Tannery Aerosol Leather Conditioner. It helps repair discoloration and regular use will maintain the overall appearance of the leather.

DON'T treat dried-out leather with olive or cooking oil, or petroleum jelly. Because leather is porous, these products will only cause more staining and discoloration.

DO apply protection cream that's specifically made for leather on a regular basis.
Wood Furniture Care

DON'T use regular furniture polishes or cleaners.

DO look for products specifically formulated to address these problems like the Guardsman Water Ring Remover Cloth. This comes pre-soaked with a solution that can tackle these problems. It's also good for marks from latex paint, blemishes from hot coffee mugs or permanent marker.

For minor scratches on wood furniture:
As with leather furniture, DON'T use a marker.

DO use a Minwax Wood Finish Marker to hide scratches and cuts by simply rubbing it over the blemish and most marks will simply disappear. This is also great for wood cabinets and hardwood floors.

Patio Furniture Care
For wrought iron furniture, black matte spray paint like is the best option to revive its look. Simply clean off the furniture, let it dry completely, then apply the paint in a series of even, thin coats.

For rust, use a wire brush to scrape off any flakes until you achieve a smooth surface, then use a spray paint that is specifically formulated to stop rust. A great new product for doing that is Rustoleum Rust Reformer.

Rustoleum Universal is a great choice as it works on everything from metal and wrought iron to wood and even plastic. Just think how nice your tired plastic patio furniture or your kids' sand boxes might look with a new fresh color this spring.

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