New twist in case of woman in baseball bat viral photo

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A man accused of taking a baseball bat to his girlfriend's head inside a Liberty Motel room in December has again been accused of assaulting the same woman just one day before his sentencing hearing in the first case.

Austin McCauley pleaded guilty in the assault case from December and was waiting to be called up for sentencing when the courts learned of the second assault.

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Blue Springs police say on Wednesday, Amber Taylor called police and told them McCauley slapped and strangled her. This new allegation turned the courtroom upside down.

You may remember the victim in this case, Amber Taylor who turned to Facebook to post a picture of herself, lying in a hospital bed, battered and bruised after allegedly taking a beating from her boyfriend, McCauley.

Here's what Taylor told us in December, just days after that incident.
"I mean I have a four-year-old son. He could have hit me harder and he could have killed me."

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"You know he`s strong enough that he can hurt me with his hands and he had to hit me in the head with a bat," Taylor said.

However after Taylor spoke with us, she changed her tune, telling the court McCauley slapped her but didn't hit her with the baseball bat.

Clay County continued with the case. McCauley eventually pled guilty, was released on bond, ordered to have no contact with Taylor and scheduled on Thursday.

Then just before sentencing Blue Springs Police brought new allegations to light. Around 2:30  a.m. Wednesday police were called to the scene of a domestic assault. According to the report, Taylor says McCauley got upset with her after a night of drinking. Taylor told police McCauley strangled her until she was unconscious then slapped her awake and told her to stop faking it.

Despite that, Taylor was in court Thursday just two rows behind McCauley. They shared a short exchange before she told him she was leaving. Moments later, McCauley was called in front of the judge, where prosecutors unveiled the new allegations: a violation of McCauley's bond. They asked that McCauley be taken into custody and continue the case for further investigation. The judge agreed.

Taylor told us she didn't want to speak with us.

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