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Family blames K2 for 23-yr-old’s death

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OLATHE, Kan. -- A 23-year old Olathe man is dead and his family says it has everything to do with synthetic marijuana.

Devon Young collapsed and died April 19 at Overland Park Regional Medical Center just hours after allegedly smoking the illegal drug. Devon's father, Don Young, says doctors told him his son had the heart of an 80-year old when he died from cardiac arrest.

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"That tells me that this stuff is very, very dangerous," said Don Young.

Now the elder Young wants to warn others about synthetic marijuana, sometimes better known as K-2.

" When you see what this stuff did to him (Devon) in the hospital, I would think that would be enough," said Young.

The Johnson County Crime Lab is all too familiar with the dangers of synthetic marijuana.

Forensic scientist Jeremiah Morris tells Fox 4 K-2 packets are sold under numerous names and the chemical contents can vary widely, "It acts on the same brain receptors as marijuana does but it acts on it in an entirely different way. In fact more potent, some of the chemicals coming out are 5, 10, 50, 100 times more potent than marijuana."

Kansas was the first state in the nation to ban K-2 in 2010 and its chemical cousins in 2012. But Devon Young's girlfriend tells Fox 4 users can still find the 1 gram packets sold as incense for $10 each at local convenience stores. She asked us not use her name, but Young's girlfriend say stores will sell the packets illegally under the counter to known customers.

Don Young says his son Devon had been addicted for two years and worries his child won't be the last to die from abusing synthetic marijuana.

"My son always thought he was invincible, you know he was 23-years old. It's almost impossible to describe how much you miss a child, once they're gone."

twitter: @fox4roblow

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  • Tara Saladin

    I smoked this stuff for about 6 or 7 months. Had bad heart rates elevations and even watched the same thing happen to my bf. I was court commited to treatment. This stuff is more addicting than crack. I’m clean now but how can I save my bf from dying off it?? He believes he won’t die and he’s watched me go from 95lbs (was already a little girl of only 4 ft 10) to 77 in just 2 wks.. I lost a lot of hair and had my heart rate at about 150 everyday in treatment… How do I save him??

  • eddie

    1) Stop trying to associate this with marijuana. it’s not even synthetic marijuana, it has zero relations to marijuana. Dumb kids smoke this because they are supposed to be incense! Would you smoke pulperie and call it synthetic meth? No.
    2) “5, 10, 50, 100 times more potent than marijuana” LOL really? how many “marijuanas” did you smoke when writing that one. 5? 10? 400? Bet you’d be ok afterwards.
    3) “It acts on the same brain receptors as marijuana does” Hahaha ooo brain receptors, wow v scientific. “but it acts on it in an entirely different way.” geeee you don’t say.

  • concerned mom

    I have a 26 year old son that has been smoking the synthetic marijuana for about a year.He got turned on to it when He was in prison in lumberton nc.The nurse there wAs getting it for her son and mine while they were incarcerated there .It scares me he takes one or two hits and passes out cold for hour,his breathing is rapid and he has severe mood changes.I don’t know how or what to do to help him.WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS IF IT IS KILLING OUR CHILDREN WHY IS IT STILL BEING SOLD.THEY DONT PUT IT ON THE COUNTER THEY HIDE IT UNDER THE COUNTER THEY KNOW WHAT IT IS DOING. I CALL THAT MURDER.SEEMS LIKE NOBAMA WOULD BAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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