17 people dead after duck boat capsizes at Table Rock Lake

Kan. HS prank proves to be big splash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

STILWELL, Kan. -- It's that time of year when high school seniors get squirrely. Tradition in America has soon-to-be high school graduates partaking in all sorts of shenanigans -- all in the name of the Senior Prank.

The most recent to make headlines were 100 students from Blue Valley Northwest who were suspended for 1.5 days after they broke into the school's swimming pool and jumped in during school hours on Thursday.

"We just started to run into the swimming pool," senior Jack Liu said, who was one of the seniors suspended.

Naturally, the smartphone generation recorded the incident on their mobiles and shared proof of their conquest on social media sites. While the incident provided fond memories and a few chuckles for students, it cost the school money due to minor property damage.

The school released a statement on Friday:

Blue Valley Northwest has great students, but sometimes even great students make poor decisions and consequences result. During the school day on Thursday several students damaged a window and approximately 100 students gained access to a locked area and entered the pool after administration advised them not to and emphasized that there would be consequences if they did. All students involved were given a day and a half of out of school suspension. Based on the fact that students broke into a locked area, the district believes the response is appropriate.

At least one high school senior expressed concern that by missing school on Friday he would be absent from taking a test and would therefore receive a "zero." However, the teacher and the student's parents agreed he would be allowed to take the test on Monday.

"I think there should be some punishment to the seniors," said sophomore David Gressgott. "The juniors, who will be seniors next year, because if this goes unpunished then the seniors next year will think, they didn't get punished so we won't either."

Last year at Staley High School in Kansas City, Mo., a group of high school seniors let four chickens loose in the school cafeteria. They were quickly contained, but proved to be one of the funnier pranks seniors have organized.

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