13 people dead, 4 still missing after duck boat capsizes at Table Rock Lake

Woman accused of kidnapping boy, 3

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A 34-year-old Kansas City woman is in jail Friday evening charged with kidnapping a young child she found walking alone.

A security camera on a neighbor's home shows the horrifying moments of a small boy being kidnapped. You can see a figure grab the child and simply walk off. But a neighbor who knew the boy chased after the kidnapper.Woman

"The man that had followed her down the road obviously kept telling her, 'Miss, you can't take that baby, you can't take that baby,'" neighbor Teresa Swigert said.

Swigert called 911 after the 'Good Samaritan' begged her to call the police while he tried to get 34-year-oldĀ Ariella Scrivner to give up the 3-year-old boy.

"She kept kicking at him fighting him, then all of a sudden she ran across the road and went down White Street, the road towards Independence Avenue," Swigert said.

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Swigert said Scrivner jumped into a stranger's car in the Family Dollar Store parking lot. The shocked driver told her to get out, so she ran across the street with the boy in her arms to a Mexican grocery store.

But Michael Winter, a security guard at the store, knew something wasn't right.

"The way she was coming, she was yelling...screaming when she came in that people were chasing after her," Winter said.

Winter called police after taking the woman outside and handcuffing her.

"She said she found her kid -- she hadn't seen in about six months and that kind of gave me a little clue that that might be her family or his family that was chasing after 'em. I told her to set down the kid," he said.

Elva Arrendondo is the boy's aunt. She said he left his mother's home to walk to her house next door, but never made it.

"My sister was looking for her son and she think it's with me and the other kids and 'no, everybody says where is him?'"

Miraculously, 20 minutes after he disappeared, police had reunited the boy with his mother thanks to a quick-thinking security guard and that 'Good Samaritan.'

Scrivner is being held on $150,000 bond.

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