Joe’s Wx Blog: One extreme to the other

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I’d like to say this has been a fascinating year for watching the weather…but in reality it’s been a fascinating 2 1/2 months for watch the local weather here in KC. If you remember everything was hunky-dory into the 3rd week of February when the rug got pulled underneath our feet and we’ve been at best “crazy” and some would say insane since. It’s been mainly cold, wet and white around these parts, a stark contrast from earlier in the winter and also from last winter/spring.

I decided to do a little research for you over the weekend, and for some outdoor businesses that need good weather to thrive on, you may want to keep this blog handy when your superiors come calling and wonder how business could be so bad from year to year. For example I’ve talked to a few golf course folks who tell me business is so far down they’ve had to redo budgets etc to try and figure out what to do for the rest of the year. In Overland Park the two public golf courses have seen 50% fewer rounds played compared to the great winter/spring last year. They’ve gone from more than 28,000 rounds of golf to more than 14,000 and I’m sure this past weekend didn’t help the cause one bit. Bad weekend weather is a killer. One suspects that this weather is also affecting the Royals somewhat as well in terms of attendance. Granted there was extra season ticket sales last year for the rights to the All Star festivities but attendance this year compared to last year seems even low to me…and odds are at least a small part of that is because of the terrible weather we’ve seen out there + the rainouts hasn’t helped either.

So let’s get some graphs together and show you the difference. I sent some tweets out last night with some more raw data so IF you have twitter follow me/us @ fox4wx for more information. I decided to look at the highs for 2012 through 5/5 and breakdown the temperatures into 10° categories…this is what I came up with…again this is from 2012.


If you remember last year through the 1st 5 months or so (at least through 5/4) we were on pace to have our warmest Spring in KC weather history. Notice the lack of 20’s-30s for HIGH temperatures…and all the 60s-80s! There was also 1 90°+ day in there that I didn’t put on the chart for spacing purposes.

Now let’s look at 2013….


Now look at ALL the 20s-30s…and look at how few 60s-80s are on the chart.

Let’s get into the numbers a bit more…20s thru 40s: 38 in 2012 v 69 in 2013…60s-90s: 65 in 2012 v 25(!) in 2013. It really is amazing to see the contrast.

So with a h/t to my colleagues @ the NWS in Pleasant Hill comes this tidbit of information. Right now 2013’s Spring is tied for the coolest Spring in KC weather history with 1984! Can you believe that we’ve gone from the warmest start Spring to the coolest start Spring in one year!

That’s pretty impressive. Look at the country as a whole…from last Spring…and this is from 3/1-5/31…

ScreenHunter_17 May. 06 08.06

Here is the data specifically from 3/1 to 5/4…

ScreenHunter_18 May. 06 08.08

With the core of the heat/warmth centered just west of the KC area…

Now compare that map to the data from this “Spring”…this data goes from 3/1-5/2 (note the 2 days less days)

ScreenHunter_19 May. 06 08.10

Pretty amazing turnaround for sure!

So does this have anything to do with the summer forecast. I haven’t looked a the data on that but I will tomorrow and write up a blog about that!


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