Joe’s Wx Blog: Hello Spring…and Summer too!

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I’ll sort of keep this blog short because I really don’t want to retype everything from yesterday’s blog, but basically the thoughts are about the same…Spring has now officially sprung (for more than a couple of days in a row at least) and there will be a bit of a taste of summer including the potential for tying or breaking a record high temperature tomorrow (TUE) in the KC area.

First though the chilly weather that was with us yesterday morning. That has now moved off towards the east of the region…take a look at the temperatures in comparison to average for the NE part of the country.

ScreenHunter_02 May. 13 08.19

Look at the scale on the right hand side, those are some impressive anomalies. The folks in MI are greatly concerned about some of their apple/cherry trees that are in bloom right now, they have a hard time when it gets this cold and for some the crop may be lost. In Gaylord, MI, it was 35° yesterday for a record cold high and they had 2″ of snow on top of that! It was also the coldest high in the month of May up there!

For us the moderation begins today and they it kicks into high gear tomorrow as temperatures aloft will be at mid summer levels. Let’s go up to about 5000 feet and take a look at how warm the air is upstairs tomorrow afternoon at 4PM…

ScreenHunter_03 May. 13 08.31

That air at that level for KC proper is close to 25°C or about 78° F…that’s at 5000 feet…now you bring that warm air to the surface thanks to strong SW winds of close to 30-35 MPH and the air heats up even more and as a result highs here on the ground may approach 90-95° especially from KC northwards. The record is 91° set in 1941…and that record is certainly in jeopardy.

There are still questions about the location of our next front that will sag into the region on Wednesday, in terms of how far south it will get. One model suggests it gets to use while the other models suggest this front will hold up across N MO…the gang will figure that out later today.

I’m still thinking that this weekend will be the first real severe weather outbreak of the season in the Plains states…mainly west of here. Although whatever does develop out there will move this way, I’m just not sure if this will be a late Saturday event or a Sunday event, but the rain chances certainly look too be increased for the weekend at some point. Whether or not we have severe weather locally depends on when the storms get here and where the storms initially form.

That’s it for today…have a wonderful afternoon and enjoy Spring…and Summer too!


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