Pro football player juggles pigskin, work and … motherhood

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Who says pro football is meant to be played only by men?

The ladies of the Kansas City Titans (4-0) are playing perfectly, including their 68-0 victory over Nebraska on Saturday. For one of the team's starting pair of linebackers, football is only part of her list of priorities.

When Cadena Brim isn't on the job in the security office at Truman Medical Center, she's on the prowl for tackles with the Titans defense. It's only her second year of playing the game, after cheering on her beloved San Francisco 49ers all her life.

"I knew what a touchdown was. A field goal was," Brim said. "I've learned so much more from my coaches. The intricacies of the game."

"When I watch her in drills, I can see the effort there," Ed Williams, Titans General Manager, said. "I can see her grind. That's what you need out of a linebacker."

You never have to look far for Cadena either. Her fashion statements -- including her dayglow pink socks -- add to the glow of her game.

But football doesn't spell the end of her priorities. Her desk at the hospital is surrounded by reminders of her two biggest fans -- 17-year old Tyrone and eight-year old Veronica. This single mother says she wants to keep her children first in her life.

"It is a bit of a strain, trying to raise two children -- one in high school, the other in elementary school," Brim smiled.

"It's like multitasking, but she's amazing at it," Titans Wide Receiver Liz Sowers said. "She's amazing at her job, but she's always making sure her kids are safe or doing something right."

Cadena's kids are regulars on gameday as well, and that's worked for her in many senses. By including her son and daughter in Titans events, she's managed to turn her Titans teammates into an extended family.

"My friends complain, 'You left us out. You don't talk to us during football season'," Brim said. "It's not the same comradery you have as someone who's out here struggling on this field."

And for this linebacker, the only love that compares comes from being a mom.

Brim and the Titans will host that same Nebraska club on May 25th. They'll play that contest at Shawnee Mission South High School.

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