Kindness and cleanup after storm sends water gushing into Westport boutique

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Wind and rain did some damage that left many cleaning up Sunday. But for one unique business, it's not just cleaning up, but trying to find a way to open up again, and the owner isn't doing it alone.

Angie Snow, the owner of MoVi Modern Vintage Mobile Boutique, said she is getting help from her neighbor who knows a little something about losing a business.

"Just the kindness of a neighbor or anyone is really great," Snow said.

Snow said it started Saturday when the clouds darkened and wind and rain came pouring down.  Snow runs her boutique out of a 1962 Airstreamer.  She said it was parked on Westport Rd. and Mill St.  Snow said when the storm rolled in, the waters in that intersection started rising.

"It started to sway, so I was just afraid it was going to tip over so that's when I got really nervous, was when it was literally off the floor floating. And I was inside," Snow said.

Snow said water starting gushing into the trailer through windows and the door.  Snow snapped photos trapped inside while others snapped some from a distance.  In the photos, you can see her business was partially under water.

"The product that was down on the floor that I wasn't able to save, got damaged, the register system which was run off an iPad, was locked in a lower case to travel so it got damaged, the generator flooded," Snow said.

But her neighbor knows all too well what it's like to see your business float away.  Or in Kris Koenig's case, go up in flames.

"About 8 years ago we opened up the first location in Waldo, and about a little after a year after we opened it, it burned down," Koenig said.

So Koenig set up an online fundraising page to raise $5,000 to get MoVi afloat again.

"It's losing maybe a part of yourself, I like said, you put so much time and effort into something and then to see it kind of just destroyed, is a terrible feeling.  So I know I have a lot of empathy for that," he said.

Snow said has insurance, but it doesn't cover flooding.  She said it's exactly why she can't thank her next door neighbor enough.

"A lot of times in this day and age, people don't even know their neighbors. So to know that I know all of mine, and that they're willing to do something like this for me, is really great," Snow said.

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