Joe’s Wx Blog: Denver Airport Tornado + Coming Heat

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Well my 3 straight AM shows are done and now things sort of get back to normal as far as my schedule goes…how those folks get up that early every day just amazes me. Whenever I fill in I’m usually up !@ about 2:15 AM and assuming the weather is quiet slam some graphics together and start the shows @ 4:30 AM. If there are storms in the area and I don’t get my 3-4 hours of sleep it’s not fun whatsoever. Karli is back tomorrow so that is very good for me.

Another interesting day yesterday as some rather strong storms moved through eastern KS dumping some real heavy and flooding rainfall in parts of Franklin County, mainly around the Ottawa area…but parts of the area had 2-4″ of rainfall. The metro had some light rain and rumbles of thunder in the late afternoon. I wasn’t counting on all that activity, and it was associated with a remnant disturbance that I was tracking all AM long on the morning show yesterday dropping out of NE.  Osawatomie, KS had more than 3.5″ of rain from the storms!

Farther west there was severe weather in CO. This is their real severe weather season out there, Hail and tornadoes are not uncommon in June through the Rockies. The mountains certainly help get the storms going then they run into the eastern Plains and start to rotate. This was the scene @ Denver International Airport yesterday afternoon. The ASOS station there reported winds gusting to 97 MPH!

That’s a pretty impressive rotating storm and tornado.

As far as our weather goes, while we still have chances for rain over the next couple of days…the better chance will be tomorrow but there is a feature showing up in this AM’s satellite pictures that make me wonder if maybe again this afternoon there may be some renewed convection…this would be associated with another MCV or Mesoscale Convective Vortex…this one is located in E KS right now and moving eastwards…


We’re not exactly capped today…so it’s possible this area MCV may re-fire convection, especially south of KC this afternooon. Anyways it’s something to watch for after 3PM or so. Let’s see how unstable we can get this afternoon.

The other topic of the blog today will be the heat that’s been well advertised that will be moving in Friday through early next week. Here is a look, courtesy of NEXLAB of the temperatures of the air a few thousand feet above the ground…or the 925 mb layer…the valid times are 4PM WED/THU/FRI/SAT.


Notice how the REDS get darker and eventually on SAT change to PURPLES…that’s indicative of temperatures at that level of 28° C or close to 82° F…that’s pretty toasty stuff. There also will be a lot of wind, 15-30 MPH through SAT with this warmth.

Odds are this type of weather will linger through at least TUE of next week…maybe even a bit longer. the max of the heat will be through the western Plains states where the drought is worse and the terrain isn’t nearly as green as here. Highs may routinely run above 100° out through W KS and into CO as well. The drought out there is still pretty nasty as per the Drought Monitor from last week.


Right now I anticipate a pretty solid streak of 90-95° days from Friday through at least Tuesday if not Wednesday/Thursday of next week.

That’s about it for now…have a great Wednesday and thanks for reading the FOX 4 Weather blog today!


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