Lindey the dog now bandage free

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A dog believed to have been thrown from an overpass, is wrapping up her first day bandage-free. FOX 4 first brought you the story in February.

Lindey, the two-year-old German Shepherd, sniffs the grass in front of her foster home, free of a leash Wednesday afternoon.

"We can start going on walks. She is released to do the stairs and proceed as basically a normal dog would proceed," Christi Raak, Lindey's foster mom, said.

Raak said Lindey had her last official visit at the vet.

"We found out that everything is healing amazingly," Raak said. "Everything is right on track where it's supposed to be."

The dog was found in the snow almost four months ago. A woman believes she saw Lindey being tossed over the 23rd Street viaduct.

Many FOX 4 viewers and others, including from other countries, fell in love with Lindey, donating thousands of dollars towards her recovery.

"The community has done an amazing job of support. She has her own Facebook page. We have tons of followers," Raak said.

The Missouri German Shepherd Rescue president Nancy Campbell said they helped raise almost $15,000 for Lindey.

Campbell said Lindey had surgery on both front legs since they believe she fell face first. Eight of her teeth were also removed -- some jammed into her jaw by the apparent fall.

But Raak said you would never know what kind of a journey her temporary furry companion has been on.

"If we all could gain some courage and learn from that experience and watching animals trust and forgive, then that would maybe help a lot of other issues that people have," Raak said.

Campbell said Lindey isn't quite available for adoption yet. She said Lindey still needs to be spayed and get all her shots. Lindey could be up for adoption late July or August.

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