HS student brutally beaten in hazing, doesn’t want hazers punished

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A high school student in Washington State is showing severe injuries he says he suffered in a hazing incident.

James Walvatne says it was part of an initiation into a school spirit group at Inglemoor High.

"They used pvc pipes, the headless golf clubs and flour and maple syrup. They peed on us and stuff."

James didn't want to show his face -- but he showed us where another student drove a lit cigar into his shoulder.

He wanted to become a "Naked Vik', a group of students that dress eccentrically and cheer in the name of school spirit.

Inglemoor High says it's a non-sanctioned group.

James said he was one of seven high school juniors selected by seniors for the initiation.

"They just blindfolded us and took us into the woods."

Snohomish County deputies said they got a call from neighbors who live near a park who heard screams from the students.

"Everytime I look at that I just want to cry. It's not right. These kids need to be stopped," said James' mother, Sara Walvatne.

Northshore Schools said it is cooperating fully with the detectives' investigation that could lead to criminal charges for some students.

The district added this type of behavior is totally unacceptable.

"He wanted to be a Naked Vik. It's like a badge of honor for these kids," his mom said.

James Walvatne says he doesn't think the people who hazed him should be punished, but he does wonder now if this kind of hazing is necessary.

"Was it worth it to be in this club? I don't know. It just makes me think about it. It's just dumb," he said.

Because he didn't tell them to stop beating him, it's unclear what charges could be filed.

Police say the teens who were beaten were uncooperative with them at the scene.

The school district says it's encouraging the families of the victims to press charges.

Courtesy: KIRO-TV, youtube

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