Aleah Lucas remembered as a “guardian angel”

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OLATHE, Kan. -- Twenty-two-year-old Aleah Lucas was one of the five people killed in the crash on July 4 near Archie, Mo.  She was Jason Rittermeyer's girlfriend, and Aleah's family says she loved his children as if they were her own.  Now they say they'll miss her big heart and the way she could make anyone smile.

Lucas was living the life her loved ones say she's always dreamed of.

"She wanted a family. She wanted a husband and kids," said Lauren Warren, Lucas's close friend.

Her family and friends say she saw Jason Rittermeyer and his children as her future.  She even started a little garden for the family.

"She was planting a lot of vegetables. She was very happy about that garden," said her aunt, Kelli Osborn.

People who knew Lucas best say that's who she always was: a nurturer, someone with a lot of love to give.

"She just had a really big heart," Osborn said.  "Like a guardian angel. She was just like- amazing."

They say she was someone who seemed a lot older than her 22 years.

"She was like that old lady stuck in a 20 year-old's body," Warren said.

While she was known as someone who could be serious, it was her silly side that still has her loved ones laughing.

"She was like this goofy- like - she was infatuated with Wildberry Skittles," Osborn said laughing.

They remember Aleah now through pictures: Aleah in her favorite outfit , Aleah's favorite food, and Aleah in the happy moments, the way they want her memory to live on.

Aleah's visitation will be Monday evening, her funeral will be Tuesday at Maple Hill Funeral Home in Kansas City, Kan.

For more information on how to help Aleah's family, click here.

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